Moving or simply needing some more storage? 20ft shipping containers are a great way to move your home contents or provide that extra storage during renovations or when you simply have too much stuff. But how much can you fit into a 20ft shipping container?

There are a number of variables to take into place when working out how much you can fit into a 20ft container, but on average, you should be able to fit the contents of a standard size 3 – 4 bedroom home. That is a pretty decent sized shipping container and will fit the needs of many small families looking for a way to move or store their belongings safely.

Dimensions of 20ft Containers

While one of these containers should fit the belongings of a 3-4 bedroom home, the important part is the dimensions, particularly if you have overly large or odd shaped furniture.

The dimensions of a 20ft shipping container are as below:

  • Length – 5.95m
  • Width – 2.35m
  • Height – 2.75m

When fully loaded, a shipping container of this size will generally weigh between 5-7 tonne. If you are shipping your belongings, it is wise to think about how they will be packed into the container.

Packing Tips for 20ft Containers

As with anything, there are some tips to keep in mind when packing your container, especially if it is being moved. These include:

  • Pack goods evenly throughout the container – you do not want an end that is heavier than the other. When your container is being loaded and unloaded on a tilt tray, a heavier end may result in damage to your belongings.
  • Take the time to consider how items, particularly larger ones are going to fit. It is a great idea to pack these larger, heavier items around the sides of the container as you can then strap them in, making them secure. Your smaller boxes and items can then be packed around these larger items tetris style.
  • Pack any essential items last – the first thing to be loaded is the last thing to be unpacked.
  • If possible, dismantle furniture – you will have more space to load other items if you are able to dismantle furniture like kitchen tables, bookshelves and cabinets.
  • Ensure you secure your shipping container with a padlock once packed and ready for transport.

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