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3004, 2022

Refrigerated Shipping Container Sales in Sydney

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Are you in the market for a refrigerated container? Whether you are looking at buying or hiring a container for your next event or to ship your goods across the country, Shipping Containers Sydney has refrigerated containers to suit your needs. What is a Refrigerated Container? A refrigerated container is simply just a shipping container that has been insulated and had a cooling motor added. It is the combination between the cooling motor and the insulation that allows cold and frozen goods to be shipped all over the country, and the world, without losing their integrity, and while still staying [...]

3003, 2022

20Ft Containers for Sale Sydney

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Shipping containers - if you're in the market for a water and vermin-proof storage solution at home or work, shipping containers are a great choice. 20ft shipping containers are some of the most popular containers purchased in the Sydney region and it's not hard to see why. They offer plenty of space for storage, getting tools, sporting equipment, excess household or office furniture or must-keep paperwork out of the way, while still keeping it safe. If you've been considering buying a shipping container, but not sure how to pick the right one to meet your needs, we've put together a [...]

2702, 2022

Second Hand Shipping Containers for Sale

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Knowing how to use shipping containers efficiently can open up a wide range of transit, relocation and storage opportunities, amongst many other used. If you have always assumed that shipping containers can only be used for freight transit and relocation, you are missing out on what could be the solution you need for your business or personal use. Uses for shipping containers vary, but include: Basic cargo transportation and shipment. 10 foot, 20 foot and 40 foot shipping containers are generally used, and this is how containers tend to be regularly used. A number of entrepreneurs are now using shipping [...]

3001, 2022

How to Purchase A Shipping Container in Sydney 2022

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You likely know that shipping containers are the best means for transportation of different goods from one place to the other. However, people around the world are using containers for a variety of purposes. When a shipping container comes to the end of its time on the sea, professionals give it a new lease of life to use in numerous ways, extending it’s lifespan. Modifying shipping containers is common around the world, and helps to make containers both cost-effective and eco-friendly. Common Uses of Shipping Containers The creativity of human beings knows no bounds when it comes to repurposing different [...]

3012, 2021

Refrigerated Shipping Containers for Sale NSW

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The use of shipping containers for different purposes has changed the world. Traditionally, people used containers for transportation and storage of goods. These days, we modify and transform containers into homes, offices, garages, and even swimming pools. Refrigerated shipping containers have further revolutionised the goods transport industry. These have made transportation of food items like meat cheese dairy and pharmaceuticals possible. Refrigerated shipping containers are available both in 20 foot and 40 foot sizes. Refrigerated containers are shipping containers that have a special heat and cool system installed to maintain the temperature within the set limits. The grooves in the sides, [...]

3010, 2021

Buy a Shipping Container in NSW

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Have you ever considered buying a shipping container? Whether you need the extra storage space or looking to install a container swimming pool, working out where to buy a shipping container in NSW to suit your needs can be difficult – there are plenty of people selling them after all. So, what is it you need to look for when looking to buy a container? The first thing to understand is what exactly you will be using it for and the type of shipping container you need. For example, you don’t want to buy a dangerous goods container if you [...]

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