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3012, 2021

Refrigerated Shipping Containers for Sale NSW

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The use of shipping containers for different purposes has changed the world. Traditionally, people used containers for transportation and storage of goods. These days, we modify and transform containers into homes, offices, garages, and even swimming pools. Refrigerated shipping containers have further revolutionised the goods transport industry. These have made transportation of food items like meat cheese dairy and pharmaceuticals possible. Refrigerated shipping containers are available both in 20 foot and 40 foot sizes. Refrigerated containers are shipping containers that have a special heat and cool system installed to maintain the temperature within the set limits. The grooves in the sides, [...]

3010, 2021

Buy a Shipping Container in NSW

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Have you ever considered buying a shipping container? Whether you need the extra storage space or looking to install a container swimming pool, working out where to buy a shipping container in NSW to suit your needs can be difficult – there are plenty of people selling them after all. So, what is it you need to look for when looking to buy a container? The first thing to understand is what exactly you will be using it for and the type of shipping container you need. For example, you don’t want to buy a dangerous goods container if you [...]

3009, 2021

Site Office for Sale

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Are you sitting there planning what you need on your new construction or industrial site? A site office is an extremely important part of the puzzle when it comes to what you need, and portable buildings make for some of the best office spaces on a building or work site. One of the most common uses for shipping containers, apart from shipping goods that is, is to use them as site offices. The best thing is, particularly if you need it long term, is that you can buy shipping containers to use for your site office, and have them modified [...]

3008, 2021

Shipping Containers for Sale and Hire in Sydney

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The way people use shipping containers in increasing every year. While in the past storage and transportation of goods was the primary use of containers, these days, people use them to build cost-effective homes, offices and apartments as well as a variety of lifestyle uses. Different shipping containers serve various purposes to accommodate the needs of the population. The use of shipping containers is popular in Sydney, from trade through to personal use. There are many businesses offering shipping containers for sale and hire in Sydney, however, before choosing the one that suits your needs it is beneficial to know [...]

1607, 2021

Fraudsters Are Targeting The Australian Container Industry

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As the global shortage of shipping containers has led to market pricing reaching all-time highs, consumers are becoming vulnerable to offers of low priced containers. As a reputable supplier to the Australian market, Shipping Containers Pty Ltd’s good name and reputation in the market is being tarnished.  We are aware that other creditable suppliers are also being targeted. These scams are predominantly conducted online via social media platforms and fraudulent “look-alike” websites using our Intellectual Property, offering products identical to those offered by Shipping Containers Pty Ltd and others. By offering exceptionally low prices they hope to sell containers that [...]

1506, 2021

Common Mistakes People Make with Shipping Container Hire

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Rapidly increasing costs of building materials have increased the value of shipping containers over the past few decades. These days, people are using containers for various purposes, including transportation of goods, making homes and offices, and as storage compartments. Many people think of these as simple rectangular boxes, but there is more to them than you can see. Still, people buy containers without proper research and run into trouble afterward. If you intend to purchase or hire a shipping container, go through the below tips to avoid commons mistakes people make during container hire. Choosing Wrong Container The very first [...]