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1912, 2019

Shipping Container Hire Sydney

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5 Ways to Use Shipping Container Hire in Sydney Have you ever wondered why people hire a shipping container and what they used it for? Here's our top 5 shipping container hire uses. 1. Business storage From time to time businesses will need extra storage space; whether they are moving premises or have had an influx of orders, often there is a need for space to store extra goods, office equipment and filing. With storage solutions available, a waterproof shipping container is a good option for extra business storage space. 2. Renovating When doing major renovations, you often need somewhere [...]

512, 2019

Hazardous Material Storage Container

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A hazardous material storage container or a dangerous goods container is essential in Australia if you are wanting to store or transport dangerous or hazardous goods. Under the Australian Hazardous Goods regulations, these containers are required to be used for items such as gas cylinders, flammable items (liquids and solids), organic peroxides, toxic substances, corrosive substances and much more. At Shipping Containers Sydney we know that businesses often have trouble finding suitable hazardous material storage containers, so we offer high quality dangerous goods containers at prices that won't break the bank. Our containers are certified to Australian Standard for dangerous [...]

2111, 2019

Moving Container Prices

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Moving to a different city or country and considering hiring a shipping container instead of sending everything with a removalist? Being able to take the time to pack your own belongings into a container can certainly take the stress out of moving, so it is certainly worth investigating moving container prices in advance. Prices of containers can fluctuate depending on what is available and whether you intend on hiring or purchasing a container to use. Hiring is certainly one of the most budget friendly options if you are moving within Australia, with Shipping Containers Australia having container rentals starting at [...]

711, 2019

Finding Shipping Containers for Sale Sydney

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You've decided to purchase a shipping container and now wondering where to find the best shipping containers for sale in Sydney. Well you've come to the right place! Shipping Containers Sydney is an Australian owned business looking after customers in Sydney, NSW and beyond. We stock a large range of shipping containers to suit a variety of needs from a standard container for storage to dangerous goods or refrigerated containers. When purchasing a shipping container, it is essential to know what purpose you want it to fulfill, whether you will need any modifications and where the container will sit. If [...]

3110, 2019

What Can I Store in Shipping Containers?

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You know people use shipping containers for storage, but what exactly can you store in them? And how long can you store something for? There are of course a variety of shipping containers which allows you to store all manner of goods. They can be used as long term storage solutions if you need a little extra space, or a temporary solution for an event or while moving. 5 Things You Can Store in Shipping Fresh Produce– If you’re running an event, refrigerated containers are a great way to store your fresh produce including meat, dairy, seafood, vegetables, fruits and [...]

1010, 2019

What Fits in 20ft Containers?

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Moving or simply needing some more storage? 20ft shipping containers are a great way to move your home contents or provide that extra storage during renovations or when you simply have too much stuff. But how much can you fit into a 20ft shipping container? There are a number of variables to take into place when working out how much you can fit into a 20ft container, but on average, you should be able to fit the contents of a standard size 3 - 4 bedroom home. That is a pretty decent sized shipping container and will fit the needs [...]