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Buying a shipping container is easy from Shipping Containers Sydney. As Sydney’s number one container company, we sell 10ft, 20ft and 40ft shipping containers new and used  for transporting your cargo by sea, rail or truck. Shipping containers are ideal for storage, worksite offices, portable ablution blocks, first aid rooms, computer server rooms, coolrooms and much much more. So whether you want a new or used container, need one or hundred…ringing Shipping Containers Sydney is the only call you’ll ever have to make!

With offices and affiliated container depots all around Australia, you don’t even have to live in Sydney to get your shipping containers delivered. Wherever you are in Australia, we can deliver a container to your home or work-site, pronto (often within 24 hours!).


If you’ve ever driven out around Port Botany or past the Sydney airport, you’ll see the thousands of shipping containers that arrive in Sydney from around the world, every day. And if you need a shipping container for exporting, importing or transporting goods, Shipping Containers Sydney has everything you need, offering both standard shipping containers and specialised shipping containers for sale.


In our standard container range we have both new and used general 10 foot, 20 foot and 40 foot shipping containers available, as well as 20 foot and 40 foot high cube containers if you need extra space or headroom. Side loading containers are available ready-modified in 20 foot sizes, but we can convert a 40 foot container into a side loading container if you require.

In our specialised range of shipping containers you’ll find 20 foot and 40 foot refrigerated containers and insulated containers for when you need to transport goods at a cool or steady temperature. We also have open top containers (with soft or hard lids), and flat rack containers for awkward or bulky items. Always remember that it’s important to choose the right container for your needs; so give our customer service team a call and let them know what you need to ship, and they’ll be only too happy to help.


A shipping container on your property is a great way to make the most of your real estate, especially in this beautiful (expensive) city of ours! And with Shipping Containers Sydney, you can easily add some extra space, without a huge amount of extra cost. What kind of space are you hoping to create? Room for the kids? A home office? Perhaps a granny flat for the in-laws, or to gain some extra rent? Shipping containers can be modified into some amazing visitor accommodation, and also make great outdoor rooms, pool cabanas, workshops, sheds, studios and more. If you’ve got room in your front yard or backyard, or a bit of land up the coast or down the coast, then definitely consider whether a shipping container would suit your needs.

It is worth noting that some councils have particular rulings on shipping containers, and there are a few things you need to consider about your site, like ensuring the ground is level, arranging footings to keep the container off the ground, and making sure that access is possible, but in general, a shipping container is an easy, unique and cost-effective way to extend your space


Worried about getting a shipping container delivered to your home? Don’t be! Remember, shipping containers are designed to be moved. And here at Shipping Containers Sydney, we have a whole team of experienced drivers who pick up, deliver, offload and set up containers every day. Of course there can be some issues when getting a container delivered, but these are usually site-specific ones not delivery ones, which is why we are very careful to establish what the accessibility to your property is like, and where exactly you want it placed. However, some sites are easier than others, and access to individual properties can prove tricky. We can discuss any issues about your property and your chosen container, and choose the best way to deliver it. We have a wide range of versatile delivery options, including a tilt tray truck, a side loading truck, and Hiab cranes that can place a container over a fence if necessary – one of them should be able to do the trick.


The ease of transporting a shipping container, their suitability for all sorts of conditions (from the desert to Antarctica!) and the huge strides that have been made in shipping container conversions has made shipping containers the number one choice for site managers on worksites worldwide. Accommodation containers, ablution blocks, site rooms, switch rooms, first aid rooms, training containers, dangerous goods containers, storage containers, shelter containers….we can provide them all. (We weren’t kidding when we mentioned Antarctica! LINK). Anything your worksite needs can be built, modified, arranged or provided. Need a first aid container with everything already stocked? Done. Confined space training container? Easy. Portable ablution block that doesn’t require electricity or water? Right here. Truck them in when required. Remove them once they’re no longer needed. Shipping Containers Sydney has you sorted.


We have a great range of shipping containers that are already modified and ready to go. However, you can also add any accessories you need from this list here. If it’s not on the list, no worries. We can also customise and modify your container to however you like. Simple accessories include paint work (your brand or logo for instance) lock boxes, shelves, benches and more. Insulation, air-conditioning, extra doors, side doors, windows, specialised floors, sinks, plumbing, furniture and fittings are also possible. Using our accessories list to get your container exactly the way you want is cost-effective and efficient.



If you need a shipping container shelter, we have them as well. These great inventions are designed to shelter large machinery and equipment or goods, and offer secure, wind-resistant (up to 312kms) protection that can be erected without a building permit. Once they’re no longer required, they can be dismantled and moved on to the next site. Temporary shelters can be mounted on shipping containers, walls or posts. Standalone shelters are also available.



If you’re looking at buying a converted shipping container, we can definitely help you there as well. Here at Shipping Containers Sydney we are the specialists in modifying and repurposing shipping containers and turning them into something exciting and different, big projects and small.

We’ve built a container to withstand arctic conditions. We’ve built cool shipping container bars, cafés and restaurants. We’ve wowed with fantastic exhibition displays and trade show stands, and showed off with a portable stage and Tough Mudder Media Centre. And we relaxed by creating a rugged remote bush retreat for mountain bike riders.

We’re the specialists in container modification projects and have loads of in-the-container out-of-the-box experience in creating impressive shipping container conversions that people like and share. A quick look at our special projects page will show you just a few of the exciting projects we’ve helped create, and a quick look around Google will give you a few ideas as to how you can have your container converted. Got a great idea for a shipping container conversion? Put it on the table at Shipping Containers Sydney and let us turn it into an exciting reality today.


Shipping containers can be converted into some really impressive homes. They’ve been used to create ‘tiny’ homes, sustainable eco-homes, beach houses, bush retreats, weekenders …even multi-level or multi-room mansions (complete with shipping container swimming pool!) A shipping container home is a really exciting venture, but it can be a big project! If you want a challenge, give it a go. If you want to make it easy, take a look at our fantastic accommodation containers here.


If you’re looking for a unique way to add more accommodation to your business or property, then a shipping container may be just the answer. Many backpackers simply want cheap accommodation where they can sleep for a few hours in between sightseeing and partying, and bunk style shipping containers could be just the thing to add a few more beds to your property. Of course, flashpackers want a few more creature comforts, so self-contained accommodation with kitchens and bathrooms are also available. A ‘container hotel’ may be just the adventurous project you’re looking for to give you the edge over other tourist operators in the area! Or again, keep it simple and take a look at our accommodation containers here and see how Shipping Containers Sydney can help add extra income to your business today!



We can’t tell you exactly the price right here, because it depends what you want. A simple used shipping container for general storage will cost a few thousand dollars. A completely modified container with two rooms, kitchen, bathroom, insulation and air-conditioning will cost quite a bit more. Whatever your needs however, we can guarantee that we will be able to provide an extremely high quality product at a very competitive price. To get a precise figure specific to your needs, tell us what you want, and we’ll be able to arrange a quote. Easy! Or call us and we can send you out a price list.



You could buy a used shipping container on the net cheaply, pay to get it delivered, and then despair as you realise it reeks of an unknown, irremoveable chemical and you can’t send it back…or you could buy one from us at a fair and competitive price, knowing that it has been through a 47 point Health Check and comes with a money back guarantee. Don’t risk your money on an unknown quantity! When you need to buy a shipping container, you want the experts to look after everything for you. So give Shipping Containers Sydney us a call on 02 7253 0591 and let us fix everything up for you.