You know people use shipping containers for storage, but what exactly can you store in them? And how long can you store something for?

There are of course a variety of shipping containers which allows you to store all manner of goods. They can be used as long term storage solutions if you need a little extra space, or a temporary solution for an event or while moving.

5 Things You Can Store in Shipping

Fresh Produce– If you’re running an event, refrigerated containers are a great way to store your fresh produce including meat, dairy, seafood, vegetables, fruits and baked goods. These containers do need a power connection and do need to be in place around 24-48 hours prior to give the shipping container time to get to the correct temperature. Refrigerated containers can also be used to ship produce from farm to market or state to state.

Vehicles – If you’ve got more vehicles than you can safely store on your property, a shipping container is a good option. Depending on the size of the container, you could store cars, boats, jet skis or other valuable vehicles. The benefit of a container over a garage is that your vehicles will be protected from the elements, meaning less rust and damage to your car. Because containers can also be locked via a number of methods, they are protected from theft.

Furniture – Many people use a shipping container to store furniture and household items either short term or long term. They are great for when you are moving overseas temporarily and need somewhere to keep your goods, or you are clearing out a family member’s property and need somewhere to store the goods until you get the time to go through them. Where there are big fluctuations in day and night temperatures, you do need to consider condensation and damage to furniture and homewares. A shipping container with a ventilation system is a good option here.

Chemicals – You might be surprised to know that you can store chemicals, gasses and hazardous materials in shipping containers. There are dangerous goods containers available for sale or hire that are well secured and non-flammable, ensuring a safe and contained environment for those items. It is however best to firstly check whether you can safely store hazardous materials and chemicals in an enclosed space.

Tools and Machinery – Often on farms and worksites, you’ll see shipping containers being used as storage for tools and machinery that are easily targeted by thieves. Due to the variety of locking methods available on shipping containers, using them to store these items can prevent loss to business and individuals. Storage shelves and racks can also be built into a container – perfect for extended use or if you want to purchase a container to use as a working tool shed.

There are plenty of uses for storage containers. If you’re looking for somewhere to store a vehicle or to use to store your tools and machinery, Shipping Containers Sydney provides a range of storage containers to suit all needs.

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