You’ve decided to purchase a shipping container and now wondering where to find the best shipping containers for sale in Sydney. Well you’ve come to the right place! Shipping Containers Sydney is an Australian owned business looking after customers in Sydney, NSW and beyond. We stock a large range of shipping containers to suit a variety of needs from a standard container for storage to dangerous goods or refrigerated containers.

When purchasing a shipping container, it is essential to know what purpose you want it to fulfill, whether you will need any modifications and where the container will sit. If you aren’t 100% sure on the first two areas, you may find it more beneficial to hire a shipping container so that you can get a better idea on what it is you need.

Purpose of Shipping Container

Do you want a shipping container to store goods permanently or on a more long term basis? Or are you looking for something to ship your goods across the country? Perhaps you might be looking for a site office or accommodation blocks for a construction site. There are a huge number of uses for shipping containers so it’s worth knowing what you will be using it for.

Modifiying a Container

There are some options to modify a shipping container to further suit your needs. These modifications could include windows, extra doors, shelving, air conditioning, insulation, electrical outlets and more. If you are planning on using your shipping container for more than storage or shipping goods, take the time to write down what you need in the container to suit the tasks at hand.

Location Location

A shipping container needs to be set down on relatively flat ground to ensure its stability and to ensure the doors open correctly. Take some time to work out the best spot for the container, or where you need it for best access. If the ground isn’t flat, you may need to consider installing a slab or flattening out the land.

When looking for shipping containers for sale in Sydney, speak to our experienced and friendly team. We’ll get you on the right track and have you set up with your new shipping container quickly and easily.