Shipping containers – if you’re in the market for a water and vermin-proof storage solution at home or work, shipping containers are a great choice.

20ft shipping containers are some of the most popular containers purchased in the Sydney region and it’s not hard to see why. They offer plenty of space for storage, getting tools, sporting equipment, excess household or office furniture or must-keep paperwork out of the way, while still keeping it safe.

If you’ve been considering buying a shipping container, but not sure how to pick the right one to meet your needs, we’ve put together a few little points to help you out.

3 Points to Consider When Buying a Shipping Container

Buying or Leasing

When it comes to shipping containers you can both buy or lease a container, and the option you choose really comes down to how long you need to use it for. If you only need the containers for a short period of time, or you’re not too sure if the size is right, leasing can be a great way to confirm firstly that you’ll use the container in the way you think you will, and secondly that it is the right size container to fit your needs.

If you’ve had containers before, or you need a long term storage option, buying a container will work out better in the long run.

If you aren’t sure what suits you, we recommend leasing before you buy.

20Ft Containers for Sale Sydney

Type of Containers

A 20ft shipping container is a 20ft shipping container right? Not so. Most people know shipping containers as the general purpose containers they see being shipped around the world, but depending on what you need to use your container for, there are other options.

The high cube container is great for storing goods that are over the standard height – machinery, tools, overly large furniture for example. A side loader is another option available – these container open from the side giving you greater access for storing and obtaining items. Then you have your dangerous goods containers and refrigerated containers which each serve their own purpose.

If you do need a container simply for some extra storage space for paperwork or furniture, a general purpose container is all you need. If however, you need additional storage for chemicals on your work site, a dangerous goods container is much more suitable of an option.

Condition of the Container

Here’s where the process gets a little tricky. There is no universal grading system for storage containers which means that condition can vary from supplier to supplier. You will however notice a number of letters against containers which an get a little confusing as well.

Essentially – a one trip container is a shipping container that has only been shipped from the manufacturer to the owner. If you need a top quality container, this is where you’ll start. You then have containers marked WWT – wind and water tight – and containers marked CW – cargo worthy.

For containers with grading,  an F grade is a new container, otherwise known as a food grade container. An A-grade container is a new, refurbished or used container in really good condition, while a B-grade container is a cargo worthy container.

We know this is really confusing, so have a chat with our friendly team about what you will be using your container for, and we can steer you in the right direction.

At Shipping Containers Sydney our entire team is knowledgeable on all things shipping containers. If you’re in the market for 20ft containers for sale in Sydney, we can help you out. Give us a call or fill in our instant quote online.