When you go shopping buy a new shipping container, you’ll notice that there tends to be three standard sizes – 10ft, 20ft and 40ft. A 20ft container is one of the most popular options with people looking to move or just looking for some additional storage. However, you may be tossing up about what will suit your needs best. We’ve put together a little guide on the most popular uses of 20ft containers.

Before we get started though, there are three common styles:L

  • Standard cargo container
  • High cube container – designed to provide additional space for taller items. Same size as the standard, but with a higher roof.
  • Open top container – less common, but these are used when transporting tall goods that are too high for a high cube container.

3 Popular Uses of 20ft Containers

Shipping Container – the first, and most obvious use, of a container is to be used as shipping. But this doesn’t mean you need to be sending items on a boat to use them. Containers come in handy when you need to ship items around your state or interstate, particularly when moving home or office, or if you have additional stock you need to send to another location.

Storage – another popular use of the 20ft shipping container is as a storage solution. Ideal for storing personal items. Those doing renovations tend to store non-essential items out of the way, and they are also great for storing paperwork until you have the time to sort through them, storing additional office furniture, or for storing tools/machinery while on a job site. As a mobile storage option, shipping containers are able to keep things safe, water and vermin-proof.

Conversion – you’ve probably heard of people converting 20ft containers to home, pools, offices, on-site accommodation, pop-up shops and more. They are a great way to gain more space without paying for the retail space, and can be made into some well designed tiny homes and offices.

In the market for a 20 foot shipping container? For delivery, depending on what you choose a side loader or tilt tray will be used to deliver your shipping container.We have shipping containers for sale, Contact Shipping Containers Sydney to request a quote.