The way people use shipping containers in increasing every year. While in the past storage and transportation of goods was the primary use of containers, these days, people use them to build cost-effective homes, offices and apartments as well as a variety of lifestyle uses.

Different shipping containers serve various purposes to accommodate the needs of the population. The use of shipping containers is popular in Sydney, from trade through to personal use. There are many businesses offering shipping containers for sale and hire in Sydney, however, before choosing the one that suits your needs it is beneficial to know your way around the various kinds of shipping containers on the market.

Various Types of Shipping Containers

Depending on their usage, different types of shipping containers available in Sydney are:

1-General Purpose Containers

These are the most common shipping containers used for the import and export of different kinds of ordinary cargo. Exporters recommend general-purpose containers because these are weatherproof and protect goods from various elements.

2-Flat Rack Containers

Flat rack containers help in the transit of extra heavy or oversized goods due to their foldable sides with strong end walls. Usually, transporters use these for shipping oversized machinery, vehicles, and construction material.

3-Insulated Containers

Usually, these containers are useful for shipping high-quality goods that need a specific temperature. These containers can provide both heat and cooling depending on the nature of the material stored.

4-Open Top Containers

Open top containers are convenient for the transport of taller machinery and bulky goods. Due to the convertible top, you can ship goods that standard units cannot accommodate.

5-High Cube Shipping Containers

High cube containers are much like general-purpose containers but are a foot taller than standard height. These containers are useful when you need a bit of extra space for cargo or storage.

6-Open Side Containers

Open side containers are available in 20ft and 40ft length and make it easy to ship unidimensional goods and machinery. These containers have doors at longer ends.

Apart from the types of containers outlined above, many other types of shipping containers are available at competitive prices. Some of the other quality shipping containers include dangerous goods containers, shipping container shelters, site offices and modified containers.

Tips to Choose Shipping Containers

Shipping Containers Sydney offers a wide range of shipping containers for sale and hire. But before you buy, it is important to keep in mind what you will be using the container for. The below tips can help in your buying decision.

Shipping Container Material

Manufacturing companies use different materials in various containers. Steel and Aluminium are the most frequently used materials. Therefore, always inspect the nature and quality of container material. Steel containers are sturdy and can help in the transportation of dangerous goods. Aluminium containers are ideal for small businesses and easily store and transport material to shorter distances.

Old V/S New Containers

Before buying, assess your needs and decide whether to buy a new container or a used one. Arrange a visit to come and see us to see our used containers before buying or hiring. A used container can be suitable for people with a limited budget. You can even save more on hiring a container.

Size of Containers

Shipping containers are available in various sizes ranging from 10ft to 40ft. Your selection will always depend on the purpose of usage. Usually, 40ft containers are used to make homes or offices and transit goods in bulk. The safety of your belongings should always be your top priority.

How to Use Shipping Containers?

Traditionally, individuals and businesses used shipping containers for the storage and transit of goods. Nowadays, people are using containers creatively for different purposes. Some of the innovative ways to use containers are:

Affordable Houses or Offices

These days, shipping containers are commonly used for making homes, offices, hotels, and restaurants. Container homes and offices are secure and affordable. Using lightweight shipping containers makes these houses and offices portable.

Swimming Pools

In Sydney, many people convert containers into swimming pools for family fun and enjoyment. Usually medium-sized containers are ideal for making pools. If you’re thinking of installing a pool, get a free quote from the pool builders for installing container swimming pools.

Storage or Garage

To utilise the space in your home, you can use containers as storage compartments to safely store your belongings. Their portability makes it convenient to use them as a storage area or backyard garage.

Open-Air Theatres

Shipping containers can also be used as open-air theatres at various places. These are perfect for a stage and easy to transport from one place to the other. Moreover, producers can make three-dimensional stages using containers like affordable building blocks.

If you’re after an affordable shipping container for sale or hire in Sydney, speak to the team at Shipping Containers Sydney. We have all your storage and creative container use covered.