The cost of a cargo container is one of the crucial factors to consider while buying. Determining the price of used cargo containers has never been easy because it depends on a lot of factors. However, purchasing a used shipping container can indeed save you thousands of dollars.

Price of Used Cargo Containers

Buying a brand new freight container can cost anywhere between $1500-$6000 depending on the size you purchase. A used shipping container can save you much money because its price depends on many factors. The most important of those factors are:


The price of containers always depends on their size. Although most cargo containers have the same width and height, it is the length varies. Traditionally, there are two standard sizes the 20 feet and the 40 feet. The brand new 20 footer may cost you $1500-$4000 while the 40 footer are generally available at $5000-$6000. However, the price of used cargo containers will depend on their age and condition.

Age and Condition

Age and condition directly affect the price of used cargo containers. Usually, the factors considered are the number of usages, repair history, and any damaged part if there is. However, this does not mean that aged containers are low cost as compared to less used. Instead, the condition of the cargo container helps to judge its price.

Location and Delivery

The cost of used cargo containers also depends on its location and delivery charges you will have to pay. Because Shipping Containers Sydney can deliver anywhere in Australia, we recommend giving us a call to work out your shipping costs.

Seasonal Changes

The cost of many containers, whether used or new, depends on the seasonal changes. The prices of product storage containers vary significantly with the change in season based on their demand and supply.

Although they vary, we can say that price of used cargo containers tend to range between $1000-$3000 for 20 feet and $2500-$4500 for 40 feet containers – but always check before purchasing!

If you are considering the price of used cargo containers, give us a call to see what we have.