Depending on what the plans are for them, many people looking for a shipping container ask a simple question, “how hot do shipping containers get inside?”

It’s not such an easy question to answer, despite how simple it seems. The sun heating up a steel container will of course result in a fair amount of heat being built up, particularly if they are kept out in direct sunlight for some length of time. However, the inside of the shipping container varies in temperature depending on the structure and any modifications that have been made.

Different Kinds of Containers have Different Inside Temperatures

Depending on their make up different storage containers have different inside temperatures. The containers with standard walls are usually hotter than those with insulated materials inside the walls. Usually, there is a difference of 15-20 degrees in the inside temperatures of standard containers and those with insulated walls. Some containers have a light-reflecting roof and maintain a lower temperature. The refrigerated containers are ideal because these have insulated walls and can be kept quite cool inside.

Tips to Keep Shipping Containers Cool

If the inside temperature of your shipping container is important, you can follow the following tips for keeping the inside cool for the secure storage of your belongings, either in-home or at the office.

  • Try placing your container at a shaded place to avoid direct exposure to the sun.
  • If there is no shaded corner in your home or office, build a roof over the top with a light reflection mechanism.
  • Painting the roof of the container with RV paint may also help regulate the inside temperature. It proves more helpful if the container is under a shade.
  • Insulation of sides and the roof can also lower the temperature inside the container and make you forget how hot shipping containers get inside. You can use standard insulators or spray foam for this purpose.
  • Installing air conditioners and extractor fans can also prolong the life of your stored goods in the containers.
  • If you pay proper attention to the ventilation, you can maintain a low temperature inside your containers. You can build windows on all sides of the box to give way to cross air.

Depending on what you are using your shipping container for, the inside temperature is important. Talk to the team at Shipping Containers Sydney about the modifications you can make to answer that question of “how hot do shipping containers get inside?”