Shipping containers have been used to ship and store items all around the world. But shipping containers are more than just a storage and transport device. These versatile and portable containers can be transformed into useful items that are used on worksites, particularly in construction and mining.

The container shelter is an innovation where two shipping containers are fused together with a dome-like fabric canvas. These shelters are a great solution on industrial worksites for protection from the elements for staff and equipment.

There are multiple ways in which container shelters can be utilised, including:

  • Creating a weather-proof workshop or storage space on your worksite. A container shelter will provide natural light and ventilation which is the perfect working environment, however it can also offer protection from wind and rain. In colder areas, a container shelter can help protect your workers from the snow.
  • For heavy industrial use, stack up multiple containers. This shelter then provides ample room for the largest of equipment. Several container shelters can be connected together providing a protected area for your equipment.
  • A container shelter can be used to build an enclosed and ultra-secure warehouse that meets your size and space requirements. The warehouse will be durable and efficient with plenty of space.
  • Providing a safe and pleasant working environment for your staff in a bright and properly ventilated space, while being out of the weather.
  • An aircraft hanger in remote locations. A container shelter can be built to provide ample air space for you to store and work on your plane. Secure lock up system can be installed to keep aircraft safe and secure.
  • Create a covered sports hall. Whether temporary or permanent, container shelters can be modified to provide a sporting and leisure facility. With proper lighting, heating and air conditioning, this will be a comfortable space to watch a game of basketball, netball or volleyball when no other facility is available.
  • Keep your hay, animal feed and equipment secure and safe. Container shelters can be used for your agricultural and farming needs, saving you money from damaged goods.

Container shelters can protect your equipment, assets and staff from virtually anything. They also provide portability, durability and are a cost-effective way to keep your equipment out of the weather.

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