Are you running out of storage options? Storage containers are your best solution! Whether you have business items, general inventory, or your personal items, they can be kept secured in a versatile and multi-purpose storage container.

But what storage container delivery option is the best for you?

Size of Container Matters

You can get storage containers in a variety of sizes, ranging from 10ft to 40ft. Clearing enough space to fit your container’s size should be your number one priority. Power lines, tall trees, and any obstacles that may come in the way of delivering your container from point A to your home should also be dealt with beforehand.

Different types of container delivery vehicles require different preparations for their arrival.

Delivery by Tilt Tray

Tilt tray delivery is convenient where there’s no space restriction. It’s also very cost-effective. In this type of delivery the tray of the truck tilts up and the truck slowly moves forward while the storage container smoothly slides down the tray.

Things to take into account before delivery:

It’s important to make sure there is enough space for the truck tray to tilt up. This space is 5m for 20ft container. Clear up an area of width 3.5m in case of 20ft and 40ft containers.

Delivery by Side Loader

Side loaders are the best way to deliver 40ft containers. The side loader is made in the form of a semi-trailer. It has a swing-lift on both ends of a tray to pick up containers and it uses the container’s strong corner casts to offload the container.

Things to take into account before delivery:

Ask the driver to do a site inspection so he can perform width, height, and length clearance. Your container’s lay down area should be dry and level. If level ground is not present it is important to arrange container footings.

Delivery by Hiab Cranes

Hiab’s are trucks with a crane fitted on either its rear or front this allows it to expertly pick up and place containers in places not normally accessible by other means. These cranes are best for the delivery of 20ft containers.
The precautions you should take before delivery by Hiab Cranes are the same as those for side loaders.

When you’ve decided on your shipping container, our friendly team will happily talk to you about delivery options and which one suits your location best.

Whether you are looking to purchase or hire a shipping container, Shipping Containers Sydney has what you need.