For a long time, and for many different reasons, people have been using storage facilities as a way for them to manage their space. The need for extra space has gotten more prominent, thus a place to store our belongings that we need, but do not have space for, is now deemed to be very necessary! 

Whether we are relocating houses or offices, inventorying storage for businesses, or simply owning too much stuff at home, having a separate space to store your things while you take care of more important matters makes life more efficient, and may lessen your stress as well.

Using Shipping Containers as Storage: What Are the Pros and Cons?

With that being said, there are challenges in practicality when it comes to storage facilities. Firstly, you may have to make a trip to the facility to get to your stored items, and since storage facilities have designated opening times, you are not able to come and go as you please to retrieve your storage. Moreover, there is also the potential extra cost to hire movers or rent carts to move your items, not to mention the often costly monthly fees no matter the duration.

So what is a practical, cost-effective solution to a safe, secure and well managed space to store your items? 

Shipping containers may just be the best solution for you. Many people have opted to repurpose Shipping Containers into secure, durable storage units for both residential and commercial use–why is this the case? What makes shipping containers excellent storage units?


Shipping containers’ portability may be its key advantage. The container is delivered to a location of your choice and positioned as you want it, right on your driveway, in your backyard, wherever you need the space to be! There are portable units available to move your belongings anywhere, and if you ever need your stuff ASAP, you can just walk a few steps to get them, hassle-free.


Shipping containers are made to be durable, lasting for approximately 20 years. This makes your investment a worthy one, especially noting how secure it is against pests, weather, and fire.

Available short and long term

The flexibility of the Shipping Container’s lease is one of its advantages–you can either choose a long-term or short-term contract, according to your specific needs! Best of all, you would not have to move your things once the contract period ends, the container team will come to you.


Due to its practicality, you can save up on costs for transport and/or carrier services, dollies, and the like–the items are with you, just in a separate space! Shipping containers also have a more flexible lease, so you don’t have to pay for a lengthy contract that you do not need.

Available in many sizes

Unlike most storage unit facilities that have one-size-fits-all storage sizes, Shipping Containers are built in many shapes and sizes according to their purposes. Therefore, you can adjust and find the right size container for your needs, and not waste unnecessary space!

While the above list shows why using Shipping Containers may be the preferred storage solution, it is important to consider beforehand whether you have the appropriate space and permit, since it will indeed be taking up space in your property. It is also important to ensure  that you are not making use of old and weary shipping containers for a cheaper price, since they tend to already be eroded by time and prone to damages from weather exposure, moisture,  and more issues due to age. 

If a shipping container would meet your storage needs, contact the friendly team at Shipping Containers Sydney.