Are you looking for a new site office? Have you considered a modified shipping container?

A site office is a great choice is you have a long term project happening in an area where your business isn’t normally based. Often used by the construction industry, site offices allow companies to better manage their resources by consolidating operations in one location. Apart from being a space where you can run your business from remotely, they can also be used as meeting spaces, conference rooms, and training facilities.

Elements of a Site Office

When you are looking for a site office for sale in Sydney, there are a few things you really should consider as crucial elements that are either already included in the office space or that you can easily have included. This list is by no means everything you need, but it certainly is a list of those things that are more used and more requested when it comes to .

  • Lighting
  • Power points
  • Air conditioning
  • Windows
  • Security
  • Filing/document storage areas
  • Break out room
  • Secure area for staff belongings
  • Flooring
  • Telephone and internet points

One of the biggest considerations when looking at a site office for a building site or even for a home office is that there is enough space for the furniture you require and for the number of staff that will normally be working from the site. You don’t want to be squished in like a can of sardines all day.

Why Use a Shipping Container?

When it comes to construction sites, one of the first things you need on site is a site office, and no one wants to spend the time building one, only to have to dismantle it once the job is done. The benefit of using a modified shipping container is that it is a transportable building – once you’ve finished on one site, you can move the site office to the next with minimal fuss.

Similarly with other facilities you may need (first aid blocks, accommodation blocks etc) – it really is as simple as loading the container onto a truck and moving it to its next location.

The containers used for site offices are usually either 20ft or 40ft containers and offer plenty of space, but if you need even more space, containers are versatile. They can be stacked on top of each other and joined by stairs or placed side by side. You can even have two or more shipping containers joined by a waterproof canvas roof, giving your team space to park out of the sun, or work even when it’s raining.

Basic Modifications in a Shipping Container

Everyone is different, and you may have an idea on how you want your shipping container site office to look. Here are just some of the basic modifications that we can do with our containers:

  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Insulation
  • Electrical and phone installation
  • Air conditioning
  • Kitchen
  • Hot water systems
  • Bathrooms
  • Signage
  • Paint jobs
  • Specialty flooring
  • Heavy duty shelving

Do you have something specific in mind? Make a time to come and chat to us – we can create pretty much anything you could want or need in a site office.

Preparing for a Site Office

Preparation is an essential element of having a stable site office. Your container will need flat, solid ground to be placed upon. Generally, the most used option is a concrete pad, but it really depends on the area you are working in. Containers can also be placed on concrete footings or wooden footings. If you need to have your site office off the ground – for example, a high rise construction where there is little ground room, our friendly team will be able to give you the information you need  to ensure your team and your property are safe.

Delivering your Site Office

Delivery is easy, and if you know what you want, it can be super quick too. In Sydney, we understand that when you want something, you want it NOW. So we can deliver within Sydney (and many areas in NSW) within 24 hours! Of course regions out the back of Bourke will take a bit longer, but maybe not – we have depots all around Australia, and it’s likely that wherever you are, we can arrange speedy delivery for you.

We have a few delivery methods that we can use, which will depend on your site. Semi-trailer delivery is also available if you have the equipment necessary to offload the container (like a forklift or crane already situated on a construction sites for instance). Naturally we will discuss all the delivery details with you when you call, to ensure that it all goes smoothly. Shipping containers are pretty big and unwieldy we agree, but delivery is not an issue (shipping containers were designed to be moved after all!) and our delivery drivers are very experienced. If you’re not sure how to purchase a shipping container – whether you need portable storage, transport solutions for household goods, or international shipping requirements – come talk to our friendly team Australia-wide.

Buying a Site Office in Sydney

At Shipping Containers Sydney we have a large number of storage containers that can be modified into a site office to suit your needs. Whether you just need a small office with room for one desk, or a larger office for a long-term project, we can help you out.

Whether you need a site office, first aid room, lunch rooms, ablution blocks or even an accommodation block, we can get one at your site within a matter of days.

When planning your next construction project, come and speak to the team at Shipping Containers Sydney and ensure your staff are comfortable.