Are you sitting there planning what you need on your new construction or industrial site? A site office is an extremely important part of the puzzle when it comes to what you need, and portable buildings make for some of the best office spaces on a building or work site.

One of the most common uses for shipping containers, apart from shipping goods that is, is to use them as site offices. The best thing is, particularly if you need it long term, is that you can buy shipping containers to use for your site office, and have them modified to suit your needs.

So when looking for a site office for sale, what should you be looking for?

Choosing a Shipping Container as a Site Office

Many people choose to use a shipping container for their site office because they are just so portable. When you finish up at one site you don’t need to pack everything up – they can just be moved to your new location. It is however important that you have an idea on the size of container you will need and what modifications you may want done.

At Shipping Containers Sydney, our site offices come in a range of sizes, from a one-man office of 10ft through to a 40ft container. We can join multiple containers to make a larger office space, or you can purchase containers to be used for different purposes such as kitchens, bathrooms, first aid centres and storage. It’s a good idea to know how you will use your site office so that you can choose the best size. If you aren’t sure, our friendly team are here to help.

Site Office Features

When looking for a site office for sale, finding one that has already been modified or can be modified is key. Our site office containers have plenty of features, including:

  • Australian-built and customised
  • Easily transportable for easy relocation
  • Stackable and expandable
  • Extremely secure and strong
  • Pestproof, waterproof, windproof
  • A range of layouts available
  • Different sizes available
  • Pre-customised, or accessorise to suit
Site Office Accessories

When working out how you will use your site office, it’s important to note the features you need. Perhaps you just want to use it as a place where workers can sign in and out each day, so you only need a desk and shelving. If you are planning on using it for workable office space, you may want to consider air conditioning, electricity and telecommunications.

At Shipping Containers Sydney, we can include a number of site office accessories in our containers, including:

  • Lights and electricity fit out
  • Phone fit out
  • Data fit out
  • Insulation and air-conditioning
  • Personnel doors
  • Windows, shutters, awning
  • Office furniture
  • Shelving and flooring
  • Custom-accessories as required
Are Site Offices Only Used by Big Business?

Most people think of site offices as those used on construction sites or on industrial worksites. But that isn’t always the case. With the rise in working from home, if you don’t have space inside the home why not drop a site office into your yard? A dedicated office allows you to separate your home life and work life, and gives you space to store your work equipment out of everyone’s way. It also means you aren’t having to compete with the noise coming from the television or from your children having fun.

The beneficial side is that there are no construction costs, and with a little bit of furniture, these site offices are ready to use straight away. If you’re self employed, make sure to check with your accountant whether purchasing a portable office space is tax deductible.

Are You Ready to Buy Your Site Office?

Whether you need a basic worksite or a more customised option, Shipping Containers Sydney has a huge range of site offices ready to suit your needs. Wherever you are located in NSW, we can get a site office to you, usually within a matter of days. Not sure how long you’ll need the site office for? The bonus with purchasing a shipping container to use as an office space is that you can use it for as long as you like and it will usually work out more cost-effective than renting one long term. Once you’re done with it, or ready to upgrade, they are relatively easy to sell so you won’t be stuck with an office space you can no longer use.

Need further modifications? Speak to the professional yet friendly team at Shipping Containers Sydney. We can undertake modifications from the easy through to the slightly more complicated to give you the product that best suits your business and your work needs. Whether you want to install sliding windows with flyscreens, additional flooring, shelving, air conditioning, hot water – whatever your needs are, we can help.

Site Office Prices

Looking for a price? It’s a little hard to provide you with a price right here simply because there are so many options you may need to consider. A simple container can cost as little as a few thousand dollars, but once you need more modifications or a larger size, that cost can grow. Your best bet is to give us a call or to organise a quote online. From here, we’ll be able to give you a closer estimation of the cost.

Quality Guaranteed

A shipping container is a big purchase, so all our shipping container conversions and modifications come with a money back guarantee. Plus remember, we are 100% Australian owned, and all our special shipping container modifications are done in Australia. So quality control and top workmanship is guaranteed.

Looking for a site office? Shipping Containers Sydney has a wide variety to suit all styles of businesses. Talk to us today to find out how we can help you.