5 Ways to Use Shipping Container Hire in Sydney

Have you ever wondered why people hire a shipping container and what they used it for? Here’s our top 5 shipping container hire uses.

1. Business storage

From time to time businesses will need extra storage space; whether they are moving premises or have had an influx of orders, often there is a need for space to store extra goods, office equipment and filing. With storage solutions available, a waterproof shipping container is a good option for extra business storage space.

2. Renovating

When doing major renovations, you often need somewhere to store your home contents out of the way of construction and painting. Using a shipping container for storage means that you have your personal items available if you need them, and there is no time wasted driving between your home and a storage centre moving or looking for items you need.

3. Moving

Shipping containers are an alternative to sending your home contents via a removalist. Whether moving a short or long distance, hiring gives you the time you need to pack and unpack without being on the schedule of a removalist. Shipping Containers Sydney has a “load yourself” moving container hire service which is extremely popular with Sydney-siders.

4. Additional work space

Sometimes you just need that additional workspace. Hospitality and catering businesses often hire refrigerated containers in busy periods giving them additional space to store stock or items ready for serving. Shipping container hire in Sydney gives you the flexibility you need to hire a refrigerated container to suit your business needs.

5. Trialing before purchase

You may be surprised at the number of people who hire a shipping container to see if it fits their long term needs. For businesses or individuals who aren’t sure if a container is the answer to their storage solutions, if they need permanent modifications, or how long they need it for, hiring a container is a great alternative.

Have a need for shipping container hire in Sydney? Contact Shipping Containers Sydney and speak to our friendly and expert team.