At Shipping Containers Sydney, we understand that buying or hiring a shipping container can be a daunting concept. They are – quite literally – a huge purchase, and so it’s easy to assume that their price tags would be huge as well! However, a look at our competitive prices and services might just surprise you.

Of course, given our extensive range and modifications, prices vary considerably. The perfect container for your needs cannot be priced without knowing the specifics, but it may help to know that an unmodified, general storage container starts at only a few thousand dollars, complete with quality control and money back guarantees. Or, if you’re considering the option of hiring, we can meet your needs from under $3 a day.

Ways to Save Money with Shipping Containers

Relative to rising real estate prices in Sydney, placing a shipping container on your land for accommodation purposes can be extremely cost-effective. Benefits include avoiding the long, stressful process of building, as well as the ability to remove or relocate the additional structure whenever you like. And for any short term costs of shipping container installation, the prospect of extra rent will cover you in no time.

Also, the non-permanent nature of shipping containers can save you money when it comes to busy trading periods, providing protection for your stock or portable worker rooms when hiring buildings is too inconvenient or costly.

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Whether you’re interested in utilising a container on your property, or simply hiring one to transport cargo, there’s no need to puzzle over prices any further. Give us a call at Shipping Containers Sydney! If you talk us through your needs, we can offer you a personalised price list today and put your questions to rest.