A hazardous material storage container or a dangerous goods container is essential in Australia if you are wanting to store or transport dangerous or hazardous goods. Under the Australian Hazardous Goods regulations, these containers are required to be used for items such as gas cylinders, flammable items (liquids and solids), organic peroxides, toxic substances, corrosive substances and much more.

At Shipping Containers Sydney we know that businesses often have trouble finding suitable hazardous material storage containers, so we offer high quality dangerous goods containers at prices that won’t break the bank.

Our containers are certified to Australian Standard for dangerous goods classes 2 to 9 and can be delivered quickly, often within 24 hours. These containers are available in both 3 metre and 6 metre sizes, while we have 20 foot high cube side opening containers and customised 40 foot side opening containers on request.

Hazardous Material Shipping Container Features

There are plenty of features to purchasing or hiring a hazardous material storage container with Shipping Containers Sydney including:

* Built in Australia to the highest quality

* Fully painted

* Includes all regulatory plates and signage

* Safety signage can be installed if required

* Double opening end doors

* Spill-proof welded steel flooring

* Non-spare industrial mesh floor covering (for Classes 3 to 9)

* Weatherproof ventilation vents

* Internal safety handle

Customised Dangerous Goods Containers

Shipping Containers Sydney has the experience to offer modified dangerous goods containers to suit your needs. Any modifications we do are completed to the guidelines required by Australian Standards, and all work is done here in Australia, guaranteeing quality.

So we can get an idea of your needs, if you need a standard hazardous material shipping container or a modified dangerous goods container, contact our professional and friendly team. We’ll find out exactly what you need for the safety of your employees, you and your business.

Don’t risk an accident. Purchase or hire a hazardous material shipping container through Shipping Containers Sydney and run your business with peace of mind.