Many people who have considered hiring or purchasing shipping containers have heard plenty of the misconceptions out there – they don’t have a lot of room, they are expensive, they are hard to maintain and so on.

We’ve busted some of the top misconceptions.

There is Little Space

Much of this myth comes from those who have considered using shipping containers to build homes. They believe that the containers don’t have a lot of living space which isn’t always true. Container homes can be modified or added to to provide more than enough room. The other side is that when looking at a container, people don’t tend to be able to visualise how much you can fit into a container. There’s plenty of room for the contents from a 1 bedroom apartment up to a large home.

They are Expensive

Another misconception is that people think shipping containers are expensive. At Shipping Containers Sydney, you can hire a container from just $3 a day (much cheaper than a storage unit somewhere) while purchasing works out quite affordable, particularly when you consider that you own the container and can use it for as long as you like. Transporting can be expensive, but most people don’t tend to need to move their containers often.

Hard to Maintain

The last myth we will touch on is that shipping containers are hard to maintain. This doesn’t need to be the case. They are relatively straightforward to maintain:

  • Keeping your container on level ground will minimise corrosion from water pooling around and under the container.
  • Lubricating door hinges ensures that the doors keep opening and closing as they should.
  • Cleaning dirt off your container regularly, often easily done with just a hose off with a cleaning agent, is enough to stop your container from becoming rusty.
  • Don’t put weight on the roof. This ensures that the container won’t be under the stress of weight it is not designed to hold.
  • Only store dry goods inside your container. This helps to minimise any condensation, therefore avoiding your container and goods degrading.

Do you need shipping containers for storage, transport or to transform into a home? Contact Shipping Containers Sydney and find your perfect container.