The trendy choice to use shipping containers for things like restaurants or accommodation is inspiring to many business and home owners across Australia, and for anyone who’s interested in saving money with the innovative use of containers, thrift is paramount. From online marketplaces to local auctions, there are several options for purchasing a cheap container in Sydney. However, depending on the project you need it for, such a bargain might end up costing you more than you hoped for in the long run.

Be Wary of Unregulated Containers

Without the guarantees of a reputable company, it’s hard to know which sellers to trust. When it comes to used containers, there could be all kinds of issues that factor into a lower price, and sometimes the cost of fixing these issues can bump up your total to more than a brand new product! If you’re planning on using your container for shipping or storage, security can’t be risked, and if you want to make a living space out of it, you don’t want any mystery smells or leaks included! But even if everything looks acceptable when you buy, there’s still delivery costs to think of, and often there’s no warranty to cover problems which reveal themselves in time.

Compare Prices Before You Commit

All this considered, it could turn out that buying from a licensed manufacturer is actually the cheaper option. A reputable company will always guarantee quality, and with fixed, transparent prices that cover both purchase and delivery, you won’t find yourself shelling out for any hidden costs. At Shipping Containers Sydney, we put our containers through an exhaustive 47 point health check, and offer full money back guarantees. On top of this, we specialise in modifying containers, so if you want to install windows, doors, electrical points, shelving, or really anything at all, these can be included in the cost as well.

So, if you’re looking for containers at an affordable price, don’t rule us out. Use our instant quote form or speak to our customer service team today and find out how we can save you money in the long run!