You’ve chosen your shipping container and now it’s time to organise Sydney container transport. If you’ve never organised the transport of a shipping container before, there are a few things you need to know before your container turns up.

Here are our top tips to organising Sydney container transport.


While you may have your location chosen, you need to consider whether it has reasonable access for a delivery truck to get to. You’ll need access that isn’t too sandy or clay based, nor too soft. A solid ground is a good option for delivery. The other thing to look out for is overgrown trees or shrubs that may present a problem to the driver or damage the truck. Take some time to set up the access area for easy delivery.

Container Direction

Something many people don’t think of is which way they want their container to face when it is delivered. For the most efficient delivery process, have a think about how you are going to access your container and from which direction – that way, your shipping container can be loaded onto the truck facing the right direction.

Is it Safe?

As well as providing safe access to your property, you will need to advise your delivery company of any obstructions they may come across. This includes phone lines, trees, fences, gates and animals. Safety for everyone involved is key, and by providing as much information as possible, you’ll get your container delivered and in place quicker.

There are a few different ways in which your container can be delivered to your site. When you purchase your container, and have done your plan, have a chat with the team at Shipping Containers Sydney so that we can work out the best method of delivery.

Before you organise Sydney container delivery to your location, take the time to plan so that the whole process runs smoothly.