Are you a market organiser or are you looking for a shipping container to use as your base at your next market stall? A used shipping container rental is the perfect way to go for weather and stock protection.

If you’re considering organising container rentals for your next market, let’s take a look at what you need to take into consideration.

Type of Container

Usually for markets, a standard shipping container is the best option – you get plenty of space, they are fully enclosed and can be modified to include doors, shelving and air conditioning. However you will also need to consider refrigerated containers for those running food businesses, and side opening containers for those who need more exposure.

Container Size

For markets,  you’ll probably want to stick with 10ft and 20ft containers, unless you have vendors that have specifically requested large spaces. A mix of standard and high cube containers is a good choice.

How Much Space You Have

This is a big consideration as the amount of space you have will affect not only the layout of your market, but how container rentals will be delivered and placed into the right spot. It is important to work out a floor plan prior to having your containers arrive so that they can be placed correctly and don’t need to be moved later on.

How Long Will You Need The Container For

While the other factors are really important to consider, it’s also extremely important to consider how long you will need your container rentals for. Do you run a market where the vendors are the same each week and they pay for a specific rental spot? Do your markets move locations regularly? Are you looking long term and could you perhaps be better off purchasing containers rather than renting them? These issues should all be considered well before you start to organise container rentals for your market.

When you have done your plans and know exactly how many containers you’ll need and what type, it’s time to start talking to the experts. Shipping Containers Sydney can help you in obtaining and delivering the right containers on time to where you need them. Whether you need refrigerated containers for a food market, side opening containers for a fashion market, or a mix, the experienced team at Shipping Containers Sydney is ready to help.