Moving is tough – packing everything into boxes and then into a truck or the back of the car. Often doing multiple trips from your old home to your new home. But many Australian’s have clued onto the smart way to move – shipping container rentals!

Container rentals when moving is one of easiest ways to move, whether interstate or across town. We’ve put together a step by step guide just to help you out.

1. Find the shipping container size you need at Shipping Containers Sydney. A 20′ high cube container tends to hold the contents of a 2 – 4 bedroom house while a 40′ general purpose or high cube container is perfect for larger homes, or a 2-4 bedroom home and extra belongings like bikes, trailer or perhaps even your car.

2. Prepare a flat space for your shipping container to sit and have it delivered.

3. It’s time to pack! If you haven’t started packing, you may consider now to be the perfect time to decide whether you need to take everything with you. Once you know what you are taking, and your small items are in boxes, you can start to pack the container. It is wise to cover and pad out any fragile furniture that you don’t want damaged. These items should be covered with bubble wrap and then with removalists blankets. If you are packing small items in boxes, fill those boxes with items like pillow or baby blankets so that the items don’t move around too much.

4. It is critical to pack your shipping container correctly to avoid overloading on one side. Large, heavy furniture should be placed around the container, while smaller boxes and containers should be put into the gaps. Remember to put any essentials that you will need straight away in last so that you can access them first.

5. Once your container is packed, lock it and organise the transport of your container to your new home.

6. Before your items arrive at your new home, prepare a spot for your container to be placed. When the container arrives you can start unpacking.

7. Once unpacked, organise for your container rentals to be taken back to the supplier.

Next time you’re moving home, consider container rentals for an easy and stress free move.