The use of shipping containers for different purposes has changed the world. Traditionally, people used containers for transportation and storage of goods. These days, we modify and transform containers into homes, offices, garages, and even swimming pools.

Refrigerated shipping containers have further revolutionised the goods transport industry. These have made transportation of food items like meat cheese dairy and pharmaceuticals possible. Refrigerated shipping containers are available both in 20 foot and 40 foot sizes.

Refrigerated containers are shipping containers that have a special heat and cool system installed to maintain the temperature within the set limits. The grooves in the sides, ceiling, and floor allow the airflow into the container to keep the temperature between -30°C and 30°C.

Benefits of Buying or Hiring Refrigerated Containers

Refrigerated shipping containers are always an ideal choice for cold storage owners. Buying or hiring a refrigerated container may bring the following benefits to your business.

Easy Transportation

The primary benefit of refrigerated shipping containers id easy transportation. These portable containers are suitable for festivals, tourism events, ceremonies, and storage of temperature-sensitive goods. You can transport these on a truck or ship them from one place to the other.

Short or Long Term Storage

Buying or hiring a refrigerated shipping container is always beneficial for your business whether you operate it in rural or metro areas. It provides you with both short-term and long-term storage for your retail stores to support


your business in peaks and fluctuations. The short and long term storage options include:

  • Seasonal harvests of various crops
  • Offer cold storage benefits for restaurants, cafes, and bakeries
  • Portable catering for music concerts, events, ceremonies, or celebrations
  • Provide enough storage for seeds, fruits, and flowers
Availability in Different Sizes

Containers are available in different sizes. Most people and companies prefer using 40 foot containers for storage purposes. However, many also use 20 foot containers for storage and transportation purposes. High cube containers are available in a range of heights. These containers offer more cool room and headspace to manage the bulk quantity of goods.

Easy on Your Cashflow

Another benefit of hiring refrigeration units is that they are budget friendly.  Even hiring shipping containers for the long term proves cost-effective.

Whether you want to cater an event, open a restaurant, or arrange a seasonal sale in NSW, you can buy or hire containers with insulated stainless steel material, 3 phase power supply, thermostatic control, and secure lock boxes.

Uses of Refrigerated Containers

Do you know that these are the refrigerated shipping containers that enable you to enjoy French Cheese in perfect condition at NSW beaches? These have played a vital role in the transportation of COVID-19 vaccines around the world. Apart from the transportation of temperature-sensitive goods, these are also perfect for use as static onsite units. Some of the businesses that use refrigerated containers include:

  • Warehouses of large companies
  • Hotels and Restaurants
  • Moving hospitals for patients’ treatment or transportation of medicines and vaccines
  • Cafes in metro areas
  • Farms and caterings

A container is always a cheaper and more effective way to save goods at a particular temperature. Many shipping containers companies in NSW are offering refrigerated shipping containers for sale in ready-to-go conditions. The buyer will only need to connect these to a power source.

Is it Better to Buy or Hire Refrigerated Containers?

You can either buy or hire a refrigerated shipping container in NSW. However, hiring is always advantageous for your business because it saves you money if you intend to use it for the short or medium term. For long-term usage, it is wise to buy either a new or used container.

Tips for Buying Refrigerated Shipping Containers

If you want to buy a refrigerated shipping container, the following buying tips can prove beneficial.

  • Always keep in mind the purpose of your purchase
  • Select the size of container that suits your needs to transport or store goods
  • Consult container experts whether to buy new, used, or refurbished shipping containers
  • Check the working mechanism of the container and all its systems for regulating the temperature
  • Minutely inspect the container and check its age and modification dates along with extra features added
  • Arrange a safe means for transportation of the container to your premises
  • Avoid buying unseen units

Looking for refrigerated shipping containers for sale in NSW? Give us a call to discuss the best refrigerated container for your needs.