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Modified Shipping Containers Sydney

Shipping containers were originally designed to ship goods, but human beings are nothing if not inventive, and since then, shipping containers have been modified for use in all sorts of different ways. And here at Shipping Containers Sydney, we have one of the biggest modification centres in Australia, which means we can help create your dream converted shipping container (or provide one already modified, ready-to-go). And with all our modification work being done in Australia, not only are you assured of quality control, you’re supporting the Australian economy as well.



Ready-made Modified Containers for Sydney Residential Use

House a little too small for all your needs? You could move (expensive) or extend (expensive) or get rid of a few things like the kids (just kidding!). Or you could install a modified shipping container in your backyard, and create an amazing new space at very little cost. Take a look at our accommodation containers here. They make a great granny flat, teenage retreat, parents ‘retreat, office, shed, workshop, craft-room, outdoor room, pool cabana…whatever your ‘extra space’ dream involves, a modified shipping container from Shipping Containers Sydney can help realise it – at considerably less cost (and stress) than a new or bigger house.



Ready-made Modified Containers for Sydney Industries

Converted shipping containers have been a real boon for the mining and construction industries. Got a new site that needs organising ASAP? We’ve got everything you need. Site offices, first aid offices, workshops, server rooms, ablution blocks – put them on a truck, and you could be up and running in just a few days. Accommodation can be rare as hen’s teeth in some areas, so when the locals start charging more than Sydney prices, or simply don’t answer the phone because they’re full, it’s time to bring in the shipping container accommodation. Need amenities on a remote site? Our remote ablution blocks don’t need any water or power – a great solution to a potentially difficult problem. At Shipping Containers Sydney we have hundreds of modified shipping containers to suit you. And if none suit, we can add a few accessories, or create one especially for you!

We Can Do Anything at Shipping Containers Sydney!

Well, almost anything! But here’s an example. When the University of New South Wales took part in a project to build an astronomical observatory in Antarctica, and needed to transport a high-tech robotic laboratory there, they came to us. The shipping container holding the laboratory not only had to withstand the sub-zero temperatures of Antarctica, it also had to ensure that the delicate equipment survived the two-month journey via truck, ice-breaker, helicopter and tractor-pulled sled. (If you think the journey was like something out of a spy novel or action movie, you’d be right!) As expected, the contents arrived in perfect condition – another success story for Shipping Containers Sydney!

Get the Best in Modified Shipping Containers from Shipping Containers Sydney

Whether you want a container that’s already modified, or have a fantastic shipping container conversion project in mind, Shipping Containers Sydney are definitely the place to get it from. Get the ball rolling by filling out the quote form above or, give our modification team on (02) 8397 4999. You’ll be thrilled with your modified shipping container – we guarantee it!


Simple Container Modifications to Suit You

So what kind of modifications have we got? What do you need? Modifications range from the basic to the slightly more complicated, but all of them can be done easily with Shipping Containers Sydney. You can add specialty flooring and heavy-duty shelving, install windows and doors, arrange electrical and phone outlets, insulation, air conditioning and hot water systems and more. Even whole kitchens and bathrooms. Or you may just want the container painted with your logo and company colours. Whatever you want, we can do it for you, and then ship it out to you, wherever you are. Easy!


Or Grand Container Conversions to Surprise and Delight!

If you want something even more unique and specialised, then we can certainly help there, too. Remember, we have the largest shipping container modification facility in Australia, and we have created some amazing shipping container conversions – and we can create one for you too. Portable cafes, restaurants, bars, pop-up retail shops, travelling displays, roadshows, exhibition rooms, a portable performance space…whatever you want built, we can help do it. We are experts in the fine art of shipping container conversion, and can do pretty much anything you want. If you’ve got a great idea, talk to our talented conversion specialists and we’ll see how we can make it work for you.

Guaranteed Quality and Workmanship

A shipping container is a big purchase, so all our shipping container conversions and modifications come with a money back guarantee. Plus remember, we are 100% Australian owned, and all our special shipping container modifications are done in Australia. So quality control and top workmanship is guaranteed.