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Refrigerated Shipping Containers Sydney


If you’re a Sydney business that relies on storing or transporting goods or produce that need to keep cool, chilled, frozen, or even just needs to be held at a steady, even temperature with no fluctuations, then we have a range of quality insulated and refrigerated shipping containers (or reefers as they are also known) that are perfect for your needs.

Delivery is super-fast. Call us today and we can have a container out to you within 24 hours. Not just in Sydney either. We have depots all over Australia, so we can get a refrigerated container to you anywhere you are. (Though remote regions or outlying areas may take longer.)

We have Refrigerated Containers both for Sale and for Hire

Whether you need to hire or buy a refrigerated container, Shipping Containers Sydney have a range to suit you. You can hire or buy 3 phase refrigerated containers in both 20 foot and 40 foot sizes. Single phase refrigerated containers are also available if you need. Each container has a variable temperature control (from +25° C to -25° C) that will hold your goods chilled or frozen while transporting or in storage.


Every Refrigerated Container Guaranteed

At Shipping Containers Sydney, we understand the importance of having a good quality, reliable and working refrigerated shipping container, and we probably don’t need to tell you that buying or hiring your refrigerated shipping container from a reputable company is essential. Shipping Containers Sydneys is 100% Australian owned, and we are proud of our reputation in the industry. Our refrigerated and insulated shipping containers are all of the highest quality, and inspected and pre-tripped before delivery. Plus they carry a money back guarantee. We also offer a breakdown service (in major metro areas) so that your valuable produce is protected.

Buy your Insulated Containers from Shipping Containers Sydney

Insulated shipping containers are similar to refrigerated containers, but instead of having a motor that controls the temperature, they rely solely on their insulation properties to keep goods at a steady temperature. Commonly available insulation containers are often containers that used to be refrigerated, but which no longer have a working motor. These are known as NOR or non-operational containers. NOR containers generally have their motor removed before resale (though some may not) but of course they retain all the powerful insulation qualities of a refrigerated container. And like any shipping container, they are incredibly strong and built to withstand long journeys.

There are also purpose-built insulated shipping containers, which have never had a motor. These are ideal for either shipping goods that need a steady temperature (like fruit, flowers, medication, chemicals and packaged foodstuffs for example). Their insulation makes them an ideal choice for converting into other purposes like accommodation or site offices. In the same way, if you are considering converting a shipping container into a shipping container home, an insulated container is much better than a general purpose container.


Do You Need an Insulated or Refrigerated Shipping Container?

Many people are surprised to find that insulated shipping containers are used to transport frozen goods going quite a long distance. That’s because tightly-packed frozen goods in an insulated container can keep their temperature for an impressively long time. This is handy if the transport doesn’t have a generator or access to electricity. However, if your goods are going overseas, or very long distances, or you’re using the container in the same way as a coolroom, then a refrigerated container will be required.

If you’re shipping or storing goods that need a steady, cool temperature, definitely consider an insulated container. Don’t be tempted to put delicate goods like fruit, flowers or other fragile foodstuffs in an uninsulated container! The solid steel of a shipping container is super for protecting goods from the rough treatment received on the road, but it is also a ‘super-conductor’ which means that if it is hot outside, your goods will be roasting inside, and if it’s cold outside, they’ll be icicles inside!


Refrigerated Container Sizes Available

You can buy or hire refrigerated shipping containers in both 20 foot and 40 foot sizes. If you’re used to the capacity of a general purpose container, be aware that though refrigerated containers are the same size as general purpose containers, the space taken up by the motor housing and insulation makes the space and capacity inside considerably smaller.

Refrigerated Containers Make a Great Portable Coolroom

Are you a business that’s growing out of your small premises? Perhaps you’ve got an unusually big order, and just need extra coolroom or freezer space for a short time. Or perhaps your run a seasonal business and only need freezer space for three months every year. Hiring a refrigerated shipping container is a great alternative to a permanent cool-room, especially as it can be removed or transported to a new location when necessary.
Refrigerated shipping containers are also ideal for film sites, festivals, parties, large functions, construction sites, and mine sites … anywhere a temporary refrigeration solution is required. Of course they also make cost-effective permanent cool-rooms as well.

Insulated Shipping Containers for Sale

Here at Shipping Containers Sydney we have both Non-Operational (NOR) Refrigerated Containers and Purpose Built Shipping containers available in 20 foot and 40 foot sizes for sale.
In the NOR containers, the heavy-duty insulation of a refrigerated container still exists but the motor is no longer operational. Similar to the refrigerated containers as noted above, capacity and space is smaller than a general purpose shipping container due to the motor housing (even though the motor has probably been removed) and the insulation properties.

You Can Accessorise and Modify your Insulated or Refrigerated Container

If you want to accessorise your refrigerate shipping container, we can easily arrange that for you. Butcher doors, shelving, electrical fit outs, lighting, paint, signage, ramps and more are all available – particularly handy if you are using the container as a portable cool-room or working area. If you’re converting an ordinary insulated container into another purpose like storage for fragile goods, or perhaps a workshop or shed or even granny flat, then we can help there too. We can arrange air-conditioning, kitchenettes, ensuites, electrical and phone fit-outs, and more.

Use Insulated Containers for Storing Precious Goods

General purpose shipping containers are great for storing a range of goods, but there are some items that need an insulated, ventilated shipping container for them to remain in their best condition. Any items that need to ‘breathe’ like leather lounges, books, documents, fabric items, even cars should be stored in an insulated, ventilated container. Wine is another item that needs to be kept at a steady, even temperature to be at its best. Don’t make the mistake of storing your expensive wine in a place where temperatures fluctuate (especially if it gets very hot). And remember, if you need modifications (like wine racks installed for instance) then we’re the people to do it. A secure, walk-in shipping container wine cellar? Sounds like a great idea to us!

Insulated Shipping Container Home, Shed, Office, Bedroom…

Shipping containers are fantastic for converting into an extra bedroom, office, shed or home, but take our word for it when we say that insulation is a must. (And if you don’t believe us, have a quick Google and see what people who have been there before say!) All that solid Corten steel that is so good for being transported and stacked onto a ship, train, or truck by crane or forklift is no good for protection from extreme temperatures (or even ordinary temperatures). If you’re planning on living, working or sleeping in a shipping container, make sure it’s an insulated one! Buy it pre-insulated, or let us arrange insulation for you, or do it yourself (not really recommended!!) but just make sure it’s insulated!

Get Your Refrigerated or Insulated Container from the Experts

Be assured of guaranteed value and quality, and let Shipping Containers Sydney look after all your refrigerated and insulated shipping container needs for you. Remember, we deliver right around Australia, and our refrigerated containers are pre-tripped and quality guaranteed. We also offer a breakdown service. Order your insulated or refrigerated shipping container from the experts on (02) 8397 4999 or fill out the quote form and we’ll fix up everything for you.

Shipping Containers Sydney – Refrigerated

We all know how hot Sydney can get in summer, but while this may be great for those catching waves and rays in Manly and Bondi, it can present a serious problem for companies who need to move their perishable goods from A to B. This is where Shipping Containers Sydney come in, by offering you the highest quality refrigerated shipping containers on the market. You now have the ability to control the temperature inside your shipping container and provide the optimal climate for your precious load; including meats, dairy produce, drinks, fruit, vegetables and plants.

Distance and High Temperatures No Longer a Problem

With the thermometer often hitting 25˚C or higher during Sydney’s summer months, it doesn’t take long for a standard shipping container to become an oven, which is the last thing you need if you’re transporting an expensive cargo of cheese or beef – the idea is to preserve it not cook it! You may think you’ll get away with a short trip from the Port of Sydney to your warehouse but if you hit congestion in notorious blackspots, like the Parramatta Road at Concord or the M4 at Granville, you could be stuck for hours. Why not avoid the risk and let Shipping Containers Sydney supply you with one of our fantastic refrigerated units? Also known in the trade as ‘reefers’ all our containers are built from robust Corten steel, long considered the industry benchmark.

Different Options for Different Purposes

We live in a world where health and safety governs everything, not least the transportation of food and drink. Food safety inspectors often arrive without notice and rightly have the power to condemn a load that’s not been maintained at the correct temperature. Shipping Containers Sydney’s units offer you the ultimate in control and will maintain the precise level of refrigeration required. This means our reefers are perfect not just for shuttle-runs across Sydney and NSW, but also for those wanting to ship cargo over longer distances, including destinations like Perth or Darwin, or even overseas. All our containers are International Standards Organisation (ISO) compatible and also designed to be ‘intermodal’, which means they can be transferred from ship to truck to train without their cargo being unloaded, saving vast amounts of time and money.

With some loads – plants, alcoholic beverages and dry foods for example – precise refrigeration temperatures aren’t usually a necessity, which is why we also offer you a cheaper option in the form of our non-operational refrigerated containers (NORs). These are basically our standard refrigerated shipping containers recycled, with their motors either decommissioned or totally removed. You still benefit from the high-grade insulation we use in our reefers, which helps combat the age-old problem with standard shipping containers across the world – condensation.

Reefers Adapted to More Than Simple Storage and Shipping

During holidays and weekends Sydneysiders are never slow in grabbing the chance to be out in the open air, be it on the beach at Coogee or Cronulla or at one of the many al fresco diners lining Sydney Harbour. With temperatures soaring, it’s not long before people are looking for a nicely chilled drink or a refreshing salad in the shade. In recent years Shipping Containers Sydney have responded to a huge demand from customers looking to convert our reefers and NORs into cafés, coffee shops, restaurants and bars. Customers keep nice and cool and food and drink can be kept at the perfect temperature.

If you run one of the many construction sites that have sprung up in Sydney, from Surry Hills to Liverpool, Palm Beach to Campbelltown, you may well need temporary accommodation for your workforce. We are experts at adapting refrigerated shipping containers for use as workers’ canteens, rest-rooms, site offices or even overnight accommodation. Once the job is completed you can simply pop the unit onto a truck and move it to the next location. Containers are available to purchase or rent.

A Flexible Choice of Shipping Container Lengths

You can cram a lot of produce into one of our 40-foot steel reefers, making them ideal for transporting large, perishable loads cross-country or even as far as the USA and Europe. For smaller loads we have the option of our more manageable 20-footers, which can be useful when space is at a premium or access is restricted. Both have the same high-performance refrigeration motors with three-phase/415 power or single-phase options. Controllable temperature range is -25˚C to +25˚C. Our NORs also come in both sizes.