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1009, 2020

Shipping Container Dimensions

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When it comes to purchasing or hiring shipping containers, knowing the shipping container dimensions is important. It is these dimensions that indicate how many boxes or how much furniture you can fit into the containers for storage or shipping around the country. It is important to remember that dimensions can change slightly depending on the manufacturer, so it's always important to take a look at the container where possible, to ensure that your items will fit. At Shipping Containers Sydney, there is a wide range of containers available, but for the purposes of this discussion, we're going to look at [...]

2708, 2020

Choosing a Container for Storage

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Choosing a shipping container for storage is not always a straightforward decision - particularly when you have to decide between new or used, the various sizes and any additional modifications you need. The container you choose often depends on the kind of storage you want and the amount of storage space you need. Transporting the container, and the cost of doing so, also affect buying decisions. However, keeping the following tips in mind while choosing the right kind of container for your goods may help you a lot. Size The first thing to keep in mind is the size of [...]

1308, 2020

How to Buy a Shipping Container in Australia

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Knowing how to buy a shipping container in Australia isn't always as straight forward as it seems. With variability on the sizing, features, pricing, and even the availability of what you want, it's important to firstly know what you want to use your shipping container for before you purchase one. Shipping containers can be used for a range of things from storage for excess items for home or your business, packaging your house contents when moving, creating extra short term space or even to create tiny homes. But how do you go about the process to buy a shipping container [...]

3007, 2020

What’s the Price of Used Cargo Containers?

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The cost of a cargo container is one of the crucial factors to consider while buying. Determining the price of used cargo containers has never been easy because it depends on a lot of factors. However, purchasing a used shipping container can indeed save you thousands of dollars. Price of Used Cargo Containers Buying a brand new freight container can cost anywhere between $1500-$6000 depending on the size you purchase. A used shipping container can save you much money because its price depends on many factors. The most important of those factors are: Size The price of containers always depends [...]

1607, 2020

How Hot Do Shipping Containers Get Inside?

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Depending on what the plans are for them, many people looking for a shipping container ask a simple question, "how hot do shipping containers get inside?" It's not such an easy question to answer, despite how simple it seems. The sun heating up a steel container will of course result in a fair amount of heat being built up, particularly if they are kept out in direct sunlight for some length of time. However, the inside of the shipping container varies in temperature depending on the structure and any modifications that have been made. Different Kinds of Containers have Different [...]

207, 2020

Tips on Finding Used Insulated Shipping Containers

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Finding good quality used insulated shipping containers for sale has always remained a daunting process due to the availability of  various containers and what you need to use them for. It's important to know that used containers are just as useful for storage and transportation as the new ones - so there is no need to purchase a new one when a used one will suffice. It is also important to gather the information about what you need a shipping container for as this will help you choose the size you need as well as deciding on any modifications you [...]