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Site Offices Sydney


If you want something a little more plush than an ordinary site office, or, alternately, just want to start with a basic container and add a few extras, that’s easy too. Our accessories list here shows the extra add-ons you can arrange. Or else you can give us a call and see how we can build a customised, specialised site office to your exact specifications. At Shipping Containers Sydney, we have the largest shipping container modification centre in Australia and we specialise in custom built site offices for all industries and businesses. So if you need a waterproof floor, heavy duty shelving, a secure storage area, drop down benches or retractable awnings for instance, it can all be arranged for you.

Site Office Features:

• Australian-built and customised
• Easily transportable for easy relocation
• Stackable and expandable
• Extremely secure and strong
• Pestproof, waterproof, windproof
• A range of layouts available
• Different sizes available
• Pre-customised, or accessorise to suit

Site Office Accessories Available:

• Lights and electricity fit out
• Phone fit out
• Data fit out
• Insulation and air-conditioning
• Personnel doors
• Windows, shutters, awning
• Office furniture
• Shelving and flooring
• Custom-accessories as required


Site Offices for Travelling Roadshows, Festivals, Film Sites, Exhibitions

It’s amazing. One day there’s a big green space, the next there are site offices, toilets, information kiosks, first aid rooms, ticket booths, food outlets … even a VIP room for important artists and guests! No, it’s not magic (though it can look like it!). It’s the versatility and easily transportable nature of the humble shipping container. So if you’re planning a festival, film shoot, exhibition, road show or trade show, let Shipping Containers Sydney help arrange everything you need. Starting – of course – with a site office!

Whatever industry you’re in, or whatever event you’re holding, we have a donga or site office (and a whole range of versatile, useful modified shipping containers) that are perfect for your needs.

Put a Site Office in your Backyard and Enjoy the Peace and Quiet

If you work from home, you’ll know how hard it is to concentrate when working out of the spare room (or worse, the lounge or bedroom). Small children, pets, partners, neighbours, the television … even household chores and the fridge can be a huge distraction. With a dedicated office, you can separate your work life from your family life (great for everyone) and your efficiency and productiveness will soar. So if the idea of a bit of peace and quiet in your own office space appeals, then seriously consider a shipping container site office. No construction costs – just a ready-to-use space that can be organised very quickly. Get a head start on your business (and possibly a tax deduction) with a site office in your back yard. You’ll wish you’d done it years ago!


Ready to Buy Your Site office? Buy it From the Experts

Every worksite needs a site office. Whether you need a basic site office, or one customised to your specific needs, Shipping Containers Sydney is the best place to source it from. We are Australian-owned, all our containers are 100% guaranteed, and with depots all around Australia, we can get a site office out to you ASAP. To organise your site office, give us a call on (02) 8397 4999 or fill out our quote form and we’ll arrange everything for you.

Site Offices, Shipping Container Style

When there’s a big project on, a site office (also popularly known as a ‘donga’) is essential. And once the project is over, the site office no longer needs to be there. Solution? A shipping container site office – one of the most popular shipping containers we sell. Easily transportable, extremely secure, stackable, expandable, instantly removable – a shipping container site office is ideal for any kind of construction, mining, energy or agriculture worksite. They’re not just for big industry either. Travelling fairs, arts festivals, roadshows, film sites … some people even put a site office in their backyard!

Why so popular? For a start, they’re built tough, and can take a lot of rugged treatment, so your shipping container site office will survive the toughest workers in the roughest worksite. They’re also extremely secure, so important and expensive equipment is well-protected. And shipping container site offices are stackable (need another office? Just stack one on top) and easily and quickly transported. In fact, with Shipping Containers Sydney, you could have a site office on your worksite tomorrow, if necessary.

Of course, it’s not just site offices that have these impressive features. Our years of experience in the industry have given us the edge on all the requirements of large, busy worksites, and we have a shipping container conversion to suit. Lunch rooms, server rooms, accommodation (both bunk style and villa style), ablution blocks, fully-stocked first aid rooms, dangerous goods containers … we’ve got them all, and more.
A shipping container site office is the heart and soul of every worksite, and at Shipping Containers Sydney we have a range of secure, sturdy site offices ready to start work with you tomorrow. Already installed with insulation, air-conditioning, lights, electrical fit-out, personnel doors and windows, you don’t need much more than a chair and a desk and your laptop to get started (and we can provide the furniture if you want!). Got a site happening in Sydney or surrounds? Chances are we can get your shipping container site office out to you by tomorrow. And with depots all around Australia, we can organise a site office for you anywhere in Australia, often just as quickly, though remote or distant areas will take a little longer.