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We’d love to see a shipping container mall in Sydney, it would be a lot of fun. But we also think that some great pop-up shops can be made out of a simple single shipping container too, for not much cost. Find a space, ship in a container with a few modifications (electricity and a bench space is often all you need) open the doors and you’re ready to go! There are lots of businesses that only need a tiny space to make a big impact…a start-up fashion house, a designer shoe shop, hand-crafted jewellery, antique or vintage goods, arts and crafts for tourists…it’s an exciting way to start up your own small business with very little overheads. And remember, it’s all completely transportable too!

Show Me the Way to the Next Whisky Bar…in a Shipping Container!

A single malt served from a shipping container is probably not where the fine folk in Scotland imagined their product would turn up, but why not? A stylish, stripped-back, industrial bar would be pretty popular in the Sydney bar scene… our guess is that you’d be shipping in another container pretty soon to cater to demand. Imagine the new cocktails you could create! High Cube Cosmopolitans, Side-Loading Side Cars, Open-Top Old-Fashioneds …it would certainly gain attention. Naturally you would still need to get a liquor licence and DA approval (same as any ordinary bar) but once that’s sorted, you would have a pretty profitable venture at very little cost.


Sydney, there’s a Shipping Container Bar, Shop or Café Waiting for You

Sydney siders appreciate culture (we do!) but it’s pretty safe to say that we love eating, drinking, shopping and then eating and drinking and shopping some more. If you’re a talented barista, chef, designer or small business owner with a big idea and you only need a small space (and want small set-up costs) then a shipping container shop, café or bar is a great way to take advantage of our love of shopping, eating and drinking.

Get Started on your Start-up Shipping Container Shop, Bar or Café Today

Excited about all the business opportunities that a shipping container can bring? So are we! So if you have a great business idea, and need someone to help you turn it into a reality, Shipping Containers Sydney are the ones to do it for you. Give us a call on (02) 8397 4999 or send us an email and let’s get your shipping container retail shop, café or bar happening today.

Shipping Container Pop Up Shops, Bars, Cafés and Restaurants

Here in Sydney, we like to think that we’re pretty advanced, and ahead of the pack. But we’re being left behind in the shipping container stakes! London has a whole shipping container mall, Argentina has one, New York is planning one…will we see a shipping container mall in Sydney soon? Here at Shipping Containers Sydney, we think it’s a must-have. (But we would, wouldn’t we?!)
Seriously though, shipping containers are a fantastic way to start up a ‘start-up’ business, whether it be a shipping container café, pop-up retail shop, bar, restaurant, market stall, hair salon, nail bar or tiny fashion house…if you want to start small, a shipping container may be just the thing for you!
And at Shipping Containers Sydney, we’re the experts in modifying and converting shipping containers, so we can help you do it, quickly and easily. The best thing? All our modifications are done right here in Australia, which means you can control the process and ensure you get exactly what you want. Plus our container modifications are all guaranteed.

Shipping Containers popup shops

Baristas, Build your Cafe Out of a Shipping Container

Sydney real estate is expensive, there’s no doubt about that, and even a tiny hole in the wall can put a big dent in your budget. So you have to be a little bit creative to get ahead. There may be no room for a shipping container café in inner Sydney (though maybe there is…there are plenty of parks and plazas that will fit a modest shipping container) but there’s certainly room in the suburbs. If you know of any businesses that have loads of parking space and could do with some great coffee, perhaps you could approach them with a great business idea. Dog parks, construction sites, playing fields and vacant blocks in areas where there’s no good coffee nearby are also ideas you may want to explore.

Businesses, Get a Shipping Container, Bring in a Barista and Cash In

Business owners, don’t wait for an entrepreneurial Barista to cut in on your precious parking space(!). Why not install a shipping container café yourself? Doesn’t matter if you don’t know a short black from an almond piccolo, or a cold drip from a hot chocolate. You could put a shipping container coffee shop in the car park, hire a fancy Barista and wham…rivers of black gold!

Here’s a Shipping Container Bar We Prepared Earlier

The Hunter and the Hare Bar used to be a humble shipping container. A touch of genius, a dash of insulation and a little bit of modification saw it converted into a very nifty, incredibly secure completely transportable bar with kitchen sink, bench, servery window, fold down deck, hoseable floor and a waste outlet. There are heaps more ways you could accessorise, including hydraulic decks, remote controlled awnings and more.

Take a look at our range of other special conversion projects here, and you’ll get a great idea of the exciting an innovative things you can do to create your perfect shipping container bar.

Shipping Containers Sydney – Bars

Converting steel shipping containers into bars has rapidly become a fast and exciting means for entrepreneurs to launch great new businesses without the need for massive investment. This fast-growing trend is sweeping the world’s cities like wildfire with Sydney very much in the vanguard. Here at Shipping Containers Sydney we are experts in the field of container modifications, creating not only bars but cafés, diners, shops and many other commercial enterprises.

Pop-up bars are all the rage and the portable nature of our robust shipping containers make them ideal for this purpose. Imagine the potential for operating one at a big surf contest over at Manly or Bondi. You’d soon have queues of thirsty spectators forming as you pour out those chilled schooners!

Customisation Limited Only by Your Imagination

Shipping Containers Sydney’s standard and insulated steel containers come in 20 or 40-foot lengths, but if your plans demand more space we can easily add extra units in the configuration of your choice. We’ve even seen container bars with stairs leading to rooftop beer gardens!  We recommend you opt for an insulated model, which helps the unit to maintain an even temperature and combats condensation.

Your new bar will be a far cry from a utilitarian grey box with a serving hatch – we can paint both the interior and exterior in vibrant colours for you, and there’s always the option of PVC or timber cladding to soften those hard industrial edges. It all depends on your location and the look you’re trying to achieve. We can also add signage, surround the container with decking for tables and chairs and install ramps. Naturally, we are happy to install all the power you need to run your refrigeration, lighting rig and that all-important sound-system, using either portable generators or an available mains supply.

Your Bar Will be the Lively Hub of Any Event

Sydneysiders are legendary for their celebration of the outdoor lifestyle and what Australian occasion is complete without a bar? Planning permission is often not required for us to deliver and install one at an event of your choice, although you should always check with the local authority before committing. If you purchase a shipping container bar, think of the earning potential during summer alone – pop festivals, outdoor concerts, sports events, regattas, festivals and markets are all potential big earners for smart bar owners.

Make Your Shipping Container Bar the Ultimate Advertising Banner

You may have an unrelated business in the city but see a pop-up bar as the perfect marketing tool, perhaps giving away free drinks, snacks and promotional t-shirts to eager festival goers. You could install large banners, flags and parasols emblazoned with your company logo. With music blasting out and a promotional team, you can’t fail to attract curios passers-by and potential new customers.

At the end of the day you simply pack everything up, unhook the power, load your shipping container bar onto a truck and head back to base or the next destination. Of course Shipping Containers Sydney can be on hand to help deal with the logistics if necessary. Alternatively, we can design and build your container with steel shutters and doors, so that it will remain safe and secure overnight.

Outstanding Build Quality Guaranteed

With correct maintenance and a regular repainting schedule, our shipping containers will last for years. Designed to handle all that the world’s oceans can throw at them and still come back for more, Sydney’s occasional inclement weather won’t be a problem. Corrugated Corten steel (also known as weathering steel) is the shipping industry standard and was originally developed to eliminate the need for painting, by forming a stable rust-like appearance after a long period of exposure to the elements while at sea. If you add lock boxes and steel shutters, you have a container that is pretty much impregnable to the casual burglar.

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