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Need a general purpose shipping container? You’ve definitely come to the right place. Here at Shipping Containers Sydney, we’ve been selling, buying, hiring, converting, modifying, supplying and delivering shipping containers all over Australia since 2005 – that’s a lot of shipping containers! So if you need a shipping container for shipping, storage, sleeping or working, it makes sense to get it from the experts.

What’s the most popular shipping container we sell? That’s easy. A short drive around Botany Bay will show you the most popular containers still in use today: the general shipping container. Made out of solid Corten weather-proof steel, stackable, windproof, pestproof, waterproof, portable and transportable, good for shipping, storage or converting into something completely new, shipping containers are definitely in hot demand!

Here at Shipping Containers Sydney, we have a wide range of both new and used general purpose shipping containers that you can either buy, hire or have modified. They are available in 10 foot, 20 foot, and 40 foot sizes with standard double doors that open to a full 270°. Conversions can range from the super-simple like windows, doors, air vents and shelves, to the simply stunning like cafés or bars, portable workshop, Antarctic-ready astronomy laboratories, bush retreats and more (as a quick look at our special projects page here will show).

Used General Purpose Shipping Containers

What kind of container are you looking for? A used container? We can help you there. Sydney Port Containers started by buying and selling used shipping containers, and we’ve built our whole business from there. So we know our shipping containers, inside and out! We also know the traps that the unwary can fall into. A shipping container off Gumtree or eBay may look like a great buy, but can turn into a great big problem once it’s delivered and you find out that it reeks of chemicals it once held, or that it’s structurally unsound. When you buy a general purpose shipping container from Shipping Containers Sydney, you’re not just buying a shipping container: you’re buying a quality guarantee. Every single one of our containers is given a 47-point health check, and we also offer a 100% money back guarantee. We generally have a good range of used containers in 20 foot and 40 foot sizes, though they are popular, so if you see one you like, grab it quick!

New or ‘One Trip’ Shipping Containers

Want a new container? We can arrange that too. We have a great selection of new or ‘one trip’ containers, as they are known in the industry. What’s the ‘one trip’ business all about? These containers are new, in that they are hot off the production line, but it would be a pretty ridiculous waste of resources to ship them to another country empty, when they could be used to ship goods at the same time. So one trip containers are officially new, but manufacturers will arrange them to be shipped with a clean load (like clothes or furnishings, which have no impact on the container) to their destination country. Thus, they are effectively still new, they have just made one trip on the boat over.


Used and New High Cube Shipping Containers

High cube shipping containers are also a very popular shipping container, especially for conversion or modifying because of the extra headroom they give. High cubes are similar to a general purpose shipping container, with all the same solid steel strength and robustness, however they are an extra foot higher. This extra foot does give extra space for shipping, however it is important to note that it doesn’t give extra weight – the weight of the goods is restricted to the same weight that a standard shipping container carries. At Shipping Containers Sydney we have 20 foot and 40 foot high cube shipping containers available, in both new and used. (As mentioned earlier however, these are very popular for converting into other uses, so used ones do sell quickly.)

General Purpose Side Loading Shipping Containers

For the ultimate in convenience and access to a shipping container, you may like to consider a side opening shipping container. Along with the standard double doors at the end of the container, a side opening container has double opening doors on the side as well. This makes loading and unloading extremely easy. Having the two points of access is handy because the container can still be accessed through the end doors if it has been stored closely to other containers. Side opening containers are also very popular for converting into other uses like retail shops, galleries, trade show stands and exhibition booths, because of the wide access. Here at Sydney Port Containers, we have side loading containers readily available in 20-foot sizes. If you want a 40 foot side loading container, we can easily modify one for you.

Simple Accessories for your General Shipping Container

General shipping containers are pretty much a big metal box. But let loose with a few accessories, and it can become an exciting Tardis-like structure! Simple accessories include whirlybirds, air vents, paint, shelving and lockboxes. Slightly more adventurous accessories include windows, doors, electricity and data points. Want the lot? A kitchenette, ensuite, air-conditioning and insulation can turn your metal box into an extremely comfortable living space that looks much bigger on the inside!

Or Create a General Shipping Container Masterpiece…

If the list of accessories isn’t enough, we can always customise your container to your exact specifications. Got a great business idea that features a shipping container at its core? Give us a call and let us help work out the exciting bits. We have the biggest container modification centre in the country, and our talented conversion specialists can create amazing things out of a humble shipping container. You provide the ideas, we’ll provide the conversion expertise and together we can create an eye-catching shipping conversion that will really turn heads. Try us out and see!

Shipping Container Conversions for Residential Use

General shipping containers and high cube containers are the most popular containers for converting to residential use. High cubes are particularly popular because of the extra headroom. They make great sheds, workshops, offices, guest accommodation or playrooms. If you want to make it super easy, you might like to consider a container that has already been modified, like our fantastic accommodation containers here. They save you a lot of trouble (and don’t cost an arm and a leg!).

Shipping Container Conversions for Micro-Businesses

As mentioned earlier, side opening containers make great pop-up shops because the wide opening side makes them so accessible. They don’t need much more than electricity and an easy retail outfit to make a great little shop or retail space. Add a sink, a fridge, an ice machine and a barman, and you have a nifty bar. Add a coffee machine and barista, and there’s your café.

DYI or Let Us Convert it for You

For some people, converting the shipping container is half the fun, and if that’s you, great – we can send your shipping container out to you straight away. For the less adventurous (or those who don’t know an angle grinder from a coffee grinder) then perhaps leave the conversion to the experts! We love special projects, and we can help you turn your shipping container idea into a fabulous business reality – at a surprisingly reasonable cost. Check out our special projects page and see what we can do with a shipping container, then give us a call and see how we can help you.

Ready to Buy your Shipping Container? We’re Ready to Take Your Call!

Whatever kind of shipping container you need – general, high cube, side loading, new, used or modified, for business or residential, shipping or storage, shopping or selling, at Shipping Containers Sydney we have a container that’s right for you. To order yours, give us a call on (02) 8397 4999 or fill out the quote form and we’ll get your shipping container needs sorted, ASAP.