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Dangerous Goods Containers


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If your business handles dangerous goods, you’ll be aware that under Australian Hazardous Goods regulations, dangerous or hazardous goods are strictly regulated and are required to be stored and transported in specialised containers. These containers are designed to ensure maximum safety to you, your workers, and the general public, and are an essential item for any business handling, storing, transporting or using dangerous and hazardous goods.

Fortunately, you can find all the dangerous goods containers you need at Shipping Containers Sydney. Whether you need to transport or store gas cylinders, flammable items (both liquids and solids) organic peroxides, toxic substances, oxidising agents, corrosive substances or other miscellaneous dangerous goods, we have a high quality dangerous goods container to suit at an extremely competitive price.

Our many years in the industry have given us the edge in the specialised technologies required to provide quality containers and we are extremely experienced in the dangerous goods storage requirements that the mining, energy, construction and agricultural industries require. We are renowned for both our shipping container conversions, and our specialist purpose-built dangerous goods containers. Whether you need a ready-made hazardous and dangerous goods container, or a customised dangerous and hazardous goods container designed specifically for you, we can arrange everything you need.


Buy your HAZMAT Certified Dangerous Goods Containers Here

If you need a Dangerous Goods container, make Shipping Containers Sydney your first port of call. We have depots all around Australia, so we can provide you with high-quality HAZMAT goods containers certified to Australian Standards for dangerous goods in classes 2 to 9 quickly and easily (within 24 hours in many cases) at an extremely competitive price.

Your dangerous goods containers enable you to store and transport gas cylinders, flammable liquids, flammable solids, oxidising agents, organic peroxides, toxic substances, and corrosive substance safely and legally.

The dangerous goods storage containers are available in 3 metre and 6 metre sizes. 20 foot high cube side opening containers and customised 40 foot side opening containers are also available on request. Every container from Shipping Containers Sydney complies with Australian Dangerous Goods Container Standards and can be used to store and transport dangerous and hazardous goods. They can also be used to store or transport non-hazardous substances that would otherwise be at risk of spillage.

HAZMAT Certified Dangerous Goods Containers

  • Class 2 Dangerous Goods Unit (Gas Cylinder Storage) – AS 4332-2004.
  • Class 3 Dangerous Goods Unit (Flammable Liquids) – AS 1940-2004.
  • Class 4 Dangerous Goods Unit (Flammable Solids) – AS/NZS 5026-2012.
  • Class 5.1 Dangerous Goods Unit (Oxidising Agents) – AS 4326-2008.
  • Class 5.2 Dangerous Goods Unit (Organic Peroxides) – AS 2714-2008.
  • Class 6.1 Dangerous Goods Unit (Toxic Substances) – AS/NZS 4452-1997.
  • Class 8 Dangerous Goods Unit (Corrosive Substances) – AS 3780-2008.
  • Class 9 Dangerous Goods Unit (Miscellaneous Dangerous Goods) – AS/NZS 4681-2000.

All our dangerous goods containers have an internal safety door handle, a lockable, stainless steel valve under the rear sill to ensure the safe disposal of waste, ventilation appropriate to the goods that are being stored and a fully welded spill-proof steel floor.

Dangerous Goods Containers Features

  • Australian-built for highest quality
  • Fully painted
  • Include plates & signage
  • Safety signage if required
  • Double opening end doors
  • Front steel bund wall
  • Welded steel flooring, completely spill-proof
  • Non-spark industrial mesh floor covering (excludes Class 2 Goods)
  • RHS floor frame
  • Weatherproof ventilation vents
  • Internal safety handle
  • Lockable valve tap
  • 3m unit capacity: approx 4,000 litres
  • 6m unit capacity: approx 10,000 litres

Customised Dangerous Goods Containers Available As Well

Here at Shipping Containers Sydney, our expertise in modifying shipping containers puts us in good stead for modifying dangerous goods containers as well. All modifications are done to the stringent guidelines required by Australian Standards, and all customisations are done right here in Australia, so quality is guaranteed. So if you need a dangerous goods container (or any kind of container) modified to your requirements, then give us a call and let the experts look after everything for you. We offer fast, friendly service and can arrange delivery to you anywhere in Australia – at a very competitive price.

The Best Place to Buy Dangerous Goods Containers is Shipping Containers Sydney

It is imperative that the dangerous and hazardous good containers you buy are of the highest quality, and that they meet the stringent standards of the Australian Hazardous Goods regulations. Not just for the safety of you and your workers, but for the wellbeing of your business as well. As you are no doubt aware, the fallout from workplace accidents (especially ones that can be prevented) can be very costly – and not just financially either! If your business uses Dangerous or Hazardous Goods containers, make sure they’re the best and get them from Shipping Containers Sydney. Don’t risk it. Arranging your Dangerous Goods Containers is as easy as filling in our quote form or calling on (02) 8397 4999 today.