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Hire a Shipping Container from Shipping Containers Sydney

Need to hire a shipping container? Look no further than Shipping Containers Sydney. We have General Purpose, High Cube and Refrigerated shipping containers available to hire, and in most cases, we can get them out to you within 24 hours. You don’t have to live in Sydney either. We have depots all around Australia, so wherever you are situated, you can hire a shipping container from Shipping Containers Sydney quickly and easily. They’re not expensive either – in Sydney, you can hire a shipping container from just $3 a day. It’s easy too. A quick call on (02) 8397 4999 or even an email is all it takes.

The most popular containers we hire are General Purpose, High Cube and Refrigerated containers, which are all available for hire in 20 foot and 40 foot sizes. They are also available for sale if you think that purchasing a shipping container would be better than hiring in the long run.

Not sure what size you might need? We’ll be able to help advise on the best size and type of container for you.


Business or Personal Hire

Shipping container hire is very popular for business, especially big corporate outfits and construction, mining, oil and shipping. But hire is also available to individuals and the general public as well, either for storage, or transporting goods. Hiring is a great option if you only need a shipping container for a one-off occasion or a few deliveries. The best thing about hiring from Shipping Containers Sydney is that everything – delivery, removal and maintenance – is all looked after by us.

Business Expanding? Hire a Shipping Container!

The ability to hire a shipping container is great for small businesses too. You may want to store goods for a short time but don’t want the expense of renting a commercial premises, or don’t need a permanent warehouse. A shipping container can take up just one car space in your carpark and provide a wealth of storage space. If you’re a business that has foodstuffs that need chilling, a refrigerated container during extra busy trading periods is a really effective cost-conscious short-term solution. When things settle down again, you can send the container back. (Or you may decide it’s worth buying one, if business is growing!)

Moving or Renovating? Hire a Shipping Container!

Travelling, renovations and removals are three occasions where the hire of a shipping container can come in very handy. Got a new position overseas and need to store your stuff? A shipping container is a great way to do it. Got the van and want to start touring Australia? Store your personal belongings in a shipping container, leave the furniture and put it on AirBnB and your Aussie tour will pretty much pay for itself! Building or renovating? Use a container to remove the contents of your house while renovating and put it all back in when you’re finished – easy! Once you no longer need the container, we can take it away for you, no fuss.

Moving? Our ‘Load Yourself’ Removals Container Hire Service Makes it Easy

Whether you’re moving across town or out of Sydney altogether, our Load Yourself Removal Service is a great way to do it. It’s simple – and takes a lot of stress out of the moving process. We deliver a shipping container to you, so that you can it at your leisure. When it’s ready, we collect it and deliver it to your new home. Once delivered, you unpack the container, and we remove it. Easy, cheap, stress-free. If only all moves were like that!

Short or Long Term Container Hire

You can hire your container for as long or as short as you like. We do have a minimum contract of 3 months, but our rates are extremely reasonable, and we will remove your container whenever you want, so even if you only need a container for a couple of weeks, hiring a container is still a great way to go. If you want a container for a considerable length of time, you may like to consider buying a container, but it’s up to you. We have a lot of customers who have been hiring their container for many years, for the convenience of being able to remove it whenever they want.


Sydney Shipping Container Hire Costs

Hiring a container is a really cost-effective proposition. In Sydney, hire container costs start at just $3 a day. Compare that to other storage places (remembering that you still have to transport your belongings to and from a storage centre) and you’ll agree it is very competitive! You get 24 hour round the clock access to your goods, and no truck hire or removalist costs. If you want a great deal on storage, hiring a container from Shipping Containers Sydney is the way to go.

Container Hire FAQ

Council regulations: In some council areas, you are restricted as to how long you can have a shipping container on your land, so a long term hire period may not be right for you. Also some councils treat shipping containers as if they were a permanent structure (even though they are not!) and require a DA approval. Every council is different (sigh!) so it is very important to check out the regulations that apply in your area.

Delivering a shipping container is easy, and here at Shipping Containers Sydney we’ve been doing it for years, so we know all the tricks of the trade. We have a range of specialised equipment that can be used to transport and offload your container safely. We can discuss all this when we call.

Getting your container on and off the truck is easy. It’s access that can sometimes cause problems, especially in the narrow, winding streets of Sydney! Low hanging electricity wires, trees, narrow streets, boggy ground, steep access, gates into your property, a decorative arch over your driveway … these things all need to be considered when arranging delivery of your container. Don’t worry, we can usually arrange something – we just like to know about all the challenges before we meet them!

When siting your container, you want to make sure the ground is as level as possible. Also, if you want to raise the container off the ground (good for storage, and for ventilation purposes) you will need to organise footings before your container arrives.

We have shipping containers in depots all around Australia, so wherever you live, we can organise a shipping container to get to you in good time – often within 24 hours. Local Sydney deliveries will be quicker than ones out the back of Bourke of course, but we are proud of our service, and we realise that fast delivery is important.

Shipping Containers Sydney is the Best Place to Hire a Shipping Container

Easy ordering, friendly service, fast delivery, top quality containers and competitive hire rates make Shipping Containers Sydney the best place to hire your shipping container. And remember, though we have a 3 month minimum hire period, there are no locked-in time contracts. So you’re not stuck paying off a year’s contract when your circumstances change, or you only need the container for a few weeks.

When you Hire With Us, Quality is Guaranteed

When you’re storing or shipping your expensive goods, you need to be sure of the quality of the container you’re using. Our shipping containers for hire are all subject to a detailed inspection before every delivery to ensure they’re in top condition.

Want to Hire a Shipping Container from Shipping Containers Sydney?

You’ve chosen the right place! Give us a call on (02) 8397 4999 or fill out our quote form and we can get things happening right away.