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If you want to buy a new shipping container in Sydney at the lowest price possible then you must know the following facts:

The thicker the steel, the longer it takes for corrosion

First, you can expect your container to last longer than expected. (EXTRA steel means a longer lifespan for your container and causes least damage to your box).
Unfortunately not everyone is manufacturing containers to this standard, so it’s beneficial to check our wide range of shipping containers for sale in Sydney and make sure that the quality you are buying is worth spending money.
Each of our shipping containers in Sydney comes with a 47 point Health Check and comes with a money back guarantee.

Vents front and rear reduce possibility of condensation

Having vents on the side of a container reduce the ability of the vents to help reduce possible condensation. So prefer a customized or modified container rather sticking to one-size-fits-all approach and get it anyway you like.


Lock box to help keep your things safe

When low budget limits you from buying extra features in a new shipping container, look for the one that comes with modified and ready to go features like lock boxes, shelves and more.
An important feature like lock box adds another layer of protection that help protect your padlock from anyone trying to break it.

Different sizes makes it sorted

Shipping containers in Sydney usually comes in different sizes, however selecting the right one can be a quest in case you are not sure about the dimensions. Still if you need to match the budget as well as your expectation, simply ask the professionals.
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